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Komorebi Releases New Single

Komorebi Releases New Single

India-West Staff Reporter

AUSTIN, TX –Komorebi has released the newest single “Watch Out” off the forthcoming album “The Fall” due out September 8 with the ATX-based label, Chicken Ranch Records.

Komorebi, aka Tarana Marwah, has been named ‘India’s most promising talent in the electronic live music sphere.’ With her original voice, she has dominated the music festival space as one of the few female electronic producers in India with her sights set globally.

“Watch Out” is the second release from the upcoming album named “The Fall.” The majority of the songwriting happened six or seven years ago.

For Komorebi the inspiration happened during a lonelier time when she was living in a large, empty-ish house in New Delhi. Komorebi comments, “This explains the melancholia in the music. I write songs the same way I track vocals – in quiet solitude.

I use music as a cathartic medium to help me process grief, anger, and resentment, and reach a place of acceptance. Most of my muses include my family and lovers, though I’ve carefully made sure to be vague enough with the poetry for them not to realize this (or so I think).”

The new single is, “A song about letting go of attachment. How loving people can mean letting them go and embracing one’s right to freedom. Simultaneously expressing wonderment at the strangeness of the universe we live in,” says Komorebi.

The singer will be back on tour to support the new album, kicking off in India at Ziro Festival on September 29; and on January 28th Komorebi is set to play Lollapalooza India. 

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