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LA County Sues Grubhub For Deceptive Business Practices

LA County Sues Grubhub For Deceptive Business Practices

LA County Sues Grubhub For Deceptive Business Practices

India-West Staff Reporter

LOS ANGELES, CA – Los Angeles County has sued food delivery company Grubhub alleging false and deceptive advertising, misrepresentation, and unfair business practices that financially harm consumers, delivery drivers, and restaurants.

The lawsuit alleges that Grubhub engages in the following unfair and deceptive business practices and seeks statewide relief to stop these violations:

Harm to Consumers

Deceptively advertises that consumers can place delivery orders online “for free” but then charges consumers fees on those orders at check-out.

Uses bait-and-switch tactics to lure consumers with a flat, unqualified price for delivery upfront while adding deceptively labeled “service,” “small order” and “driver benefits” fees at checkout. In some cases, the costs of the fees exceed the cost of the food item ordered.

Misrepresents restaurant search results on its apps and websites, telling consumers that the search results are based on relevance to the consumer’s query (e.g., “Chinese food near me”), when in fact, the results and rankings are based in part on how much restaurants have paid Grubhub for placement.

Harms Drivers

Grubhub misrepresents the qualities, characteristics, and scope of the “Driver Benefits Fee,” which Grubhub charges consumers in connection with Proposition 22. Grubhub deceptively implies that the fee provides healthcare benefits to drivers and that consumers no longer need to tip their drivers because “they don’t have to depend on tips.”

Harms Restaurants

Grubhub deceptively and unilaterally charges restaurants for customer refunds, which Grubhub issues without restaurants’ consent, and without verifying whether the customer or the restaurant was responsible.

“The deceptive and excessive fees charged by Grubhub at checkout blatantly undermine our goal of promoting a fair marketplace where businesses, employees and consumers can thrive,” said Rafael Carbajal, Director of the LA County Department of Consumer and Business Affairs. “These practices inflict financial harm on LA County’s residents, restaurants, and workers and are unacceptable while so many of them struggle to make ends meet.”

For more information: https://counsel.lacounty.gov/alcp/.

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