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LA Teen Aims To Transform Lives Through Music

LA Teen Aims To Transform Lives Through Music

India-West Reporter

LOS ANGELES, CA – The Music Matters Project, a non-profit organization founded by 10th Grader Mishka Aswani here, is making waves with its commitment to providing underprivileged children in India with the gift of music.

Mishka’s passion for music drove her to launch this initiative, aiming to offer youngsters the transformative experience of playing musical instruments.

Inspired by her own introduction to the piano in 4th grade as part of her school’s music curriculum, Mishka believes in the unique power of music to enhance children’s lives. On a recent trip to India to visit her extended family, Mishka discovered the absence of a music program at her mother’s elementary school. This revelation prompted her to delve deeper into the state of music education in Indian schools, revealing the virtual nonexistence of such programs.

Motivated by this discovery, the Music Matters Project is currently on a mission to donate musical instruments to schools across India. The organization strategically targets schools with a significant population of students aged 7 to 14, recognizing this age range as the most receptive to learning musical instruments. The focus is on reaching children who lack access to such resources.

Mishka has witnessed the positive impact of the project through videos and images shared by the Music Matters Project team in India and teachers from recipient schools. The enthusiasm displayed by students in engaging with the donated musical instruments underscores the profound effect of music on their lives.

The Music Matters Project is not merely providing instruments; it is creating opportunities for children to discover the joy and potential for growth that music brings. This cause exemplifies the belief that music knows no boundaries and has the power to create a positive impact on lives.

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