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Posture Matters!


Posture Matters!

 “What will happen when you get older?” This is what we often get to hear in traditional homes as the youth is spending more time on gadgets- be it slouching on a sofa and chilling with Netflix or sitting in the office for late hours. Our elders often say, “As long as your spinal cord remains straight, things are set in your life!”

Proper posture facilitates breathing and food digestion, reduces the risk of neck, shoulder, and back pain, and preserves balance and flexibility.

Conversely, poor posture can limit a person’s range of movement, which eventually makes it challenging to exercise and go about daily tasks. It is crucial for efficiency as well because poor posture might result in movement patterns that demand more energy from your body.

Maintain a straight posture: It can be done by keeping your feet flat on the ground and your shoulders back and down. Please do not cross your ankles or legs.

Take breaks: Every thirty minutes, get up and stretch if you spend a lot of time sitting down.

Organize your workspace: Ensure that your chair and computer screen are at the appropriate heights.

Exercise: Getting regular exercise will help your muscles get stronger, and your posture get better.

Some simple exercises help you in the long term. In busy times, if one adopts such a routine of some stretches and exercises – It can help them to improve their posture.


Start by lying down on your stomach. After that, adjust your body so that your weight is supported by your forearms and toes. Lower the body and release the pose after holding this posture for a few breaths. Ensure you take breaths to avail the maximum benefit of this pose. Remember to pay attention and maintain the tightness in your abdominal and core muscles.

Bridge Pose:

With your feet flat on the ground and your knees bent, lie flat on your back. After that your hands will be facing downward, and then place your arms by your sides. Breathe out, raise your hips off the floor, and plant your feet and arms firmly in the earth. Ensure your feet and thighs are in line with one another. After five to ten breaths, hold the position, then release it, and drop your hips back to the floor. Throughout the pose, take enough breaths deeply and relax your shoulders.

Back Extension:

With your arms bent and your legs straight, lie in a position where your stomach faces downwards. Keep your hands on either side of your face, your neck should be straight. Use your arms to gently raise your upper body while arching your back, Also, keep your forearms flat on the floor and your head and neck straight. After a short period of holding this posture, slowly return the body to its original position. (IANS)

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