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Live The Power Of Red

Live The Power Of Red

By Naveen Bhalla

Red lipstick has been a symbol of strength for centuries. It has been worn by women to make a statement and highlight their resilience in the face of adversity. A nice coat of red lipstick is about as timeless as it gets for any makeup look.

For evidence, just look at beauty trends season after season — red lipstick is eternal and always makes an appearance. Once you find a complementary shade of red lipstick as per your skin tone, it’s one of the best products you can incorporate to accentuate your makeup look.

To achieve bold red lips, start by applying some lip balm to ensure that your lips are not chapped. With the help of a red lip liner, outline your lips to get that perfect lip shape. While shaping your lips, don’t stray too far outside of your natural lip line. Rather, line just slightly outside the contours of your natural lip shape and use an angled brush to reach every little space for perfect application.

Next, put on your favorite matte red lipstick with the help of a small pencil brush. Defuse any visible harsh lines of the lip liner to get seamlessly sculpted and bold red lips.

This season is all about glossy lips, so top up any clear gloss at the center of your lips to add a beautiful finish to the lips. Avoid rubbing your lips together because this can smear your carefully lined edges.

Before you walk out the door with your perfect red lips, make sure that your teeth look perfect as well.

Since red lipstick is super bright, it is also very noticeable when it ends up somewhere it should not be, like your teeth. Keeping the eyes nude with red lips and applying a lot of mascara to enhance the eyes beautifully.

Brows should be filled and detailed in symmetry to frame the eyes better. The skin should be fresh and dewy with not too much blush on the cheeks. This red lip look is timeless, achievable, and can be worn with any outfit Western or Indian.

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