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Mallakhamb To Be An Exhibition Sport At Los Angeles Olympics

Mallakhamb To Be An Exhibition Sport At Los Angeles Olympics

Mallakhamb To Be An Exhibition Sport At Los Angeles Olympics

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LOS ANGELES, CA – The sport of Mallakhamb from Maharashtra, has secured its place as an exhibition sport in the 2028 Olympic Games set to take place here.

In the wake of this, the US S Mallakhamb Federation, under the leadership of founder Chinmay Patankar, has taken significant steps to promote and train enthusiasts on a global scale, marking their recent tours to Germany and Canada.

During a press conference held in Mumbai, the USA Mallakhamb Federation highlighted the paramount importance of their Olympic campaign. Reflecting on their global efforts, Patankar stated, “While the World Mallakhamb Association recognizes only a handful of countries, India and the United States stand out in their promotion efforts. However, since securing exhibition status in the Olympics, we have been working tirelessly to bridge this gap.”

Patankar elaborated on their outreach strategy, saying, “We have actively engaged with Marathi groups, Hindu organizations, Dhol-Tashe teams, and more across various nations. Our successful tours of Canada and Germany have been pivotal in expanding our global presence.”

Acknowledging the significant contribution of Amit Tungare, a national pole vaulter from Ottawa, Patankar emphasized the impact of their presentations. “Many had never witnessed Mallakhamb before, and there was limited knowledge about it. We introduced them to the Mallakhamb revolution of the past few decades, with a primary focus on engaging individuals aged 8 to 50 in this incredible sport.”

Under Patankar’s leadership, teams of boys and girls from the USA embarked on a journey to Ottawa, where they delivered a mesmerizing two-day performance that left the audience awestruck. Approximately 1,500 spectators attended the demonstration, including 1,200 Canadians and 300 Indian citizens.

Member of Parliament from Nepean, Canada, Chandra Arya, extended his heartfelt appreciation to the USA Mallakhamb Federation.

The Mallakhamb campaign continues to gain momentum, with a comprehensive action plan in place for the Los Angeles Olympic Games. Patankar, at the helm of the USA Mallakhamb Federation, affirmed their commitment to expanding the sport across five European, five Asian, and five American continents, with plans to set foot in the African continent once this ambitious goal is achieved.

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