Mass Murder

Mass Murder

From Jagjit Singh, Los Altos, CA

Over 8,000 people have been killed, including half of them being children. Mothers write their loved ones’ names on their hands in a desperate attempt to identify their children, fearing that they may be killed by the 24-hour relentless bombing. This situation makes our nation complicit in mass murder. Mr. President, you seem to have abandoned the valuable teachings of the Bible, which emphasize equal rights and freedom from oppression for all people. There’s a puzzling disconnect between claiming reverence for the unborn child while endorsing the massive killing of Palestinian children.

Mr. President, there’s a disturbing double standard when you denounce Hamas’s actions but express no remorse for the long-standing formalized slaughter. Your actions sow the seeds of hatred for the future. Your evident bias is a welcome gift to the Russians. You can no longer accuse others of barbarity when you are guilty of hypocrisy and barbarism. You haven’t even called for a ceasefire, allowing the butchery to continue.

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  • I fail to see how our nation, USA, is “complicit in mass murder” when it was Hamas who unprovokedly initiated the attack on Israel to which Israel rightly responded by a counterattack on Hamas. Hamas is a terrorist organization and the only language it understands is the language of strength. There’s a “disturbing double standard” when the writeup starts with the number of people who got killed in Gaza without providing any context with respect to Hamas attacking Israel. Incidentally, Biden did want Netanyahu, the Israel Prime Minister, to have a humanitarian pause in the ongoing conflict, but Netanyahu did not agree to it. He will not stop the fight until all the hostages are released. USA is Israel’s ally, but it cannot dictate Israel what it can or cannot do.

    November 3, 2023

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