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Massive 300,000 Attendance At Yuba City Parade

Massive 300,000 Attendance At Yuba City Parade

YUBA CITY, CA (IANS) – An estimated 300,000 people came to celebrate the Sikh Nagar Kirtan here on November 5, according to KCRA News.

As is the case every year, Sikhs flew in from around North America and elsewhere to take part in a parade that featured floats, music, a show of traditional Sikh martial arts like gatka, great food and religious togetherness.

The entire area was swathed in vibrant colors as the air echoed with kirtans and Punjabi tunes.

As always, the Sikh event featured food stalls that covered the gamut and was served with generosity to all who attended.

The annual Sikh Parade festival was introduced in Yuba City in the 1980s by well-known Punjabi-American peach farmer Didar Singh Bains, also known as the “Peach King”.

The celebration was marred with a Sikhs For Justice float which celebrated the killings of Indira Gandhi and General A.S Vaidya. SFJ’s Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, a designated terrorist in India, has given a call to the global Sikh community to “stop flying Air India” from November 19.

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  • And then they wonder why people celebrate the killing of Nijjar. Or why Pakistan feels a sigh of relief knowing what would have happened if Sikhs controlled Punjab because Jinnah did not kick them out. Would they fight Afghans or will they fight Sikhs.

    Soon, Sikhs will stop flying Air India because they will not have money for train tickets.

    And I am wondering why India took in Pakistani Sikhs that chose to live in Pakistan giving away their share of Punjab to Pakistan. Tells you the choices Sikh leaders make.

    November 6, 2023
  • They call themselves Punjabi Americans, and not Indian Americans. They won’t fly Air India from now onward. But they will maintain properties and investments in India and visit there as well.

    It takes one good leader to fix the entire country. It also take one bad leader to brainwash the entire good community.

    November 6, 2023
  • Sikhs are a highly respected and valued part of India. Indeed, it impossible to imagine an India without them. The sacrifices they have made for India and Hindus are legendary. The Sikhs are happy in India and they are treated well. The Khalistan movement has no support in India. There are some crazy Sikhs in US, Canada, and UK who have been agitating for Khalistan. The question to ask them as this: Assume India carves out a portion of Punjab for Khalistan, how many of them will move there and live there? I bet I can count the number on my fingers. So what’s this about? Also, they can create a Khalistan here in Yuba City itself or Canada is the second largest county in the world and it can donate a few thousand acres to establish Khalistan. It will be best to ignore them and deport the terrorists to India to face the music. They will not enjoy Indian prisons, I guarantee it!!

    November 6, 2023
  • I also saw a video of Sikhs attacking each other. Unfortunate.

    November 6, 2023

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