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Meet Kavi Sharma The First Ever South Asian ‘American Girl Of The Year’ Doll

Meet Kavi Sharma The First Ever South Asian ‘American Girl Of The Year’ Doll

MIDDLETON, WI – American Girl, a cornerstone in the Mattel portfolio, unveiled its 2023 Girl of the Year: Kavi Sharma.

Kavi’s character comes to life in a beautiful 18-inch doll, featuring brown eyes, medium skin tone, and layered dark-brown hair styled in a half ponytail.

“Whether it’s singing show tunes or learning new dance moves, Kavi loves performing. And, growing up with her close-knit Indian American family in New Jersey, she’s only a short train ride from her two favorite places in the world: New York City and Broadway! While Kavi shines onstage, keeping up with her offstage priorities like schoolwork, friendships, and family responsibilities can be a challenge—just like it is for so many kids today,” Mattel said.

Kavi’s product collection is filled with showstopping outfits and accessories that reflect her passion for performing, including her signature outfit complete with a multicolored cropped mesh top, silver joggers, and pink tennis shoes, plus an accessory set that includes a faux-fur bucket hat, quilted purse, charm, and journal. Other items include Kavi’s songwriting accessories, featuring a mini keyboard that plays six different tones; a backstage set with a folding stage, rolling wardrobe, and a vanity with working lights that plays five songs; a vibrant Bollywood dance costume; and a plush of her lovable dog, Scamper.

To create Kavi’s story, American Girl worked with New York Times bestselling author Varsha Bajaj (Thirst and Count Me In). “Kavi’s story is important to all the young readers who will see parts of their lives represented. I took immense delight in showcasing slivers of Indian culture, including dance, yoga traditions, food, clothing, and magical festivals like Diwali and Holi.”

In addition to Bajaj, a team of advisers also helped with Kavi’s development, providing real-world insights, and weighing in on key products and story themes to ensure authenticity and accuracy.

While Kavi is the first South Asian Girl of the Year, Mattel in the past has featured Nalini Nadkarni, an ecologist at the University of Utah, who helps design their line of scientist Barbies. There was also Sonali Mathews, companion doll to the 2009 American Girl, Chrissa Maxwell.

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