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Mohit Dagga Owns Over 100 Perfumes

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Mohit Dagga Owns Over 100 Perfumes

MUMBAI, (IANS) – Popular TV actor Mohit Dagga, who is well known for his roles in serials such as ‘Doosri Maa’, ‘Aapke Aa Jane se’ and ‘Crime Patrol’, is also a perfume enthusiast and has a collection of more than 100 perfumes.

The actor also said that fragrances go beyond simply providing a pleasant scent for him: perfumes hold the key to revisiting cherished memories and special moments, invoking feelings of happiness and nostalgia.

Giving details about his fascination with perfumes, Mohit said, “Perfumes have always held a special place in my heart. Ever since I was a child, I’ve been captivated by delightful scents, and as I grew older, my fascination with using and collecting perfumes grew stronger. My day feels incomplete without spritzing that magical mist over my body. I have turned collecting perfume bottles into a full-blown hobby. I have more than 40 bottles in rotation, and I’ve amassed over 100 bottles from around the globe. And each perfume bottle I acquire carries a unique memory with it.”

He added, “Every fragrance captured in these bottles brings back personal moments from the past. It’s like stepping into a time machine, where the power of scent transports me to cherished moments.”

Mohit said he even has a special wardrobe dedicated solely to housing his immense perfume collection with various varieties. He went on to add that his love of perfumes is a journey filled with nostalgia, personal memories, and an adventure to explore new scents which always makes him smile.

Mohit plays the character of Ashok in the drama series ‘Doosri Maa’ which airs on &TV.

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