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Monarchy Should be Abolished 

Monarchy Should be Abolished 

From Girish Modi, Decatur, GA

The death of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II at the ripe age of 96 years has once again drawn the attention of the world media.

A monarch’s role is just ceremonial. Their only job is to preside over hundreds of charities to which they don’t donate and travel around the world. The problem is that there are too many members in the royal family, and they all are treated like Hollywood celebrities in Disney movies. While common people in UK are struggling in their lives, royals cost a lot of public money in supporting their lifestyles.

QEII life is an open book. We have seen her photos and video clips thousands of times in the last 73 years. Still, the American media is showing them over and over and exaggerating her life. People lining outside three palaces may have only gotten a glimpse of the Queen; still, I don’t understand why they are acting crazy and mourning her death. 

British monarchy has lived on for thousands of years. Their lives have become fodder for movies and books. The butlers and staff members will write books on Queen’s life and cash in, just as they cashed in writing about Princess Diana. 

There are many countries in the world that have monarchy. Still, their monarchs do not get as much attention as the monarchs of Great Britain. It is about time the monarchy is abolished, and true democracy is established where leaders are elected and not chosen. 

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