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MP Kiran Kumar Sah First Nepali To Take Oath In Sanskrit

MP Kiran Kumar Sah First Nepali To Take Oath In Sanskrit

KATHMANDU, (ANI) – Kiran Kumar Sah, an MP from Nepal, created history this month after taking an oath in the Sanskrit language.

There is no record of taking an oath in Sanskrit before this, the Nepali publication reported citing the Federal Parliament Secretariat. This is the first time in the parliamentary history of Nepal that someone took the oath in the Sanskrit language. “I have read a few other books in the Sanskrit language. But we want the Sanskrit language to be taught in Nepal”, Sah told Online Khabar after the oath.

On reasons for taking oath in Sanskrit, Sah said he wanted, “To save the traditions of Nepal, to save the national unity and integrity by reducing the pressure and influence of foreign languages.”

The Nepali MP said that the Sanskrit language is regarded as the mother language of all the languages spoken in Nepal. “I took an oath in Sanskrit to raise the heads of three crore Nepalis with self-respect and identity,” he added.

Sah complained about how earlier Sanskrit language was compulsory in education, but English took place of Sanskrit. He vowed to bring policy change to the Nepali parliament.

Mentioning that the Sanskrit language gives knowledge not only of religion but also of morality, he also talked about the “deviation” in Nepali culture.

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  • How many people speak Sanskrit in the world? Could you trade, conduct commerce or diplomacy, and have educational or military exchanges with others abroad? If not, what is essential about taking an oath in Sanskrit?

    December 22, 2022

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