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Mulism’s Raise Your Voice Against The War On Women

Mulism’s Raise Your Voice Against The War On Women

From Jagjit Singh, Los Altos, CA

Long abandoned by the Biden administration and much of the Islamic world, the Taliban and their geriatric brethren in Iran, have long declared their war on women. Many girls are lamenting they were born in such intolerant male-dominant societies where they are forever tormented by the morality police who beat them mercilessly even if a few wisps of hair are protruding from their burkes or hijabs. They are forced to wear head-to-toe suffocating clothes to protect them from the gazing eyes of men.

They cannot leave their homes or travel long distances without male escorts.  Many have lost their husbands and brothers and are therefore trapped in their homes. Yong girls are banned from attending secondary schools and colleges. Boys have no strict dress code or travel restrictions and will always maintain an elite status in Muslim countries. Girls have few options, early marriages, and manufacturing babies. Others sell body organs to survive. 95% of the population is suffering from acute starvation. Billions of Afghan funds are lying in US banks frozen by US sanctions. According to the Human Rights Council, more and more girls are ending their lives rather than living under such repressive, draconian inhumane societies.

Religious teachings are supposed to purify our minds, make us more compassionate, and align us to God’s will.

Is Islam a region of peace and tolerance? The facts would suggest otherwise. The final straw occurred when a recent fatwa was issued ordering NGOs to fire their female employees or close their operations. 

I urge Muslims around the world to raise your collective voices in defense of your faith. Silence is not an option.  Finally, Afghan translators who risked their lives for American troops have long forgotten, relegated to a footnote in history.

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  • You are absolutely right. While there is “no compulsion in Islam” the Mullahs in Afghanistan have taken it upon themselves to compel people to their myopic view of the world. The Taliban are not recognized by the vast majority of the world as being legitimate.
    Short of going to war with these idiots it is not something that one can pressurize them on. They would rather die than change their ways. Given this crazy fact I think other moderate Muslims want to simply stay away from them. The price is being paid by Afghan society and particularly their women, which is sad.

    January 23, 2023

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