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‘My Wife Ran Away With Our Baby’, Says Director Faruk Kabir


‘My Wife Ran Away With Our Baby’, Says Director Faruk Kabir

MUMBAI, (IANS) – Filmmaker Faruk Kabir, who got married in Uzbekistan last year, became father to a daughter but the happiness was short-lived as his wife ‘ran away’ with their baby recently, the director claimed.

The ‘Khuda Haafiz‘ director and his Uzbek wife had been living in India since the past one year. Everything was perfect till a few hours after the delivery of their daughter, when his wife insisted on getting Uzbek nationality for the new-born.

According to a statement issued on the filmmaker’s behalf: “However, with Faruk being an Indian national and the baby having been born in India, she would have got the Indian nationality.”

The director’s wife didn’t agree to it and even threatened suicide if her wishes weren’t fulfilled.

She justified it by saying that she doesn’t feel ‘Muslims are protected in India’.

Faruk’s wife had invited her parents a few weeks before the delivery and the three of them “teamed up” against the director.

On December 20, Faruk’s wife and her parents “ran away” with their baby who is just a few days old.

Faruk has filed an official complaint with the Mumbai Police.

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  • The baby is entitled to Indian and Uzbek citizenship. The daughter can decide at 18, which citizenship she will take.

    Kabir must have insisted on Indian citizenship. When he could have left it to the baby to decide on which one she wanted at 18. Until then enjoyed both.

    December 21, 2023
  • That is “the end “of the story.

    December 22, 2023

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