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New York Fashion Line Pays Ode To Cricket

New York Fashion Line Pays Ode To Cricket

NEW YORK, NY (IANS) – Extra Butter, the progressive New York streetwear and fashion boutique and independent lifestyle brand, has been a long-time collaborator with Adidas. Over the years, the two brands have collaborated on seven successful global projects and have now announced the launch of their first collaboration for India.

The idea for this collaboration came about when Extra Butter was planning the launch of an outlet in Mumbai. It reached out to Adidas to see if they could work together to create something for India — specifically to celebrate Extra Butter’s arrival here — and the Adidas team in Germany was only too happy to oblige.

For this collaborative collection between the two brands, Extra Butter’s co-founders and brothers Ankur and Nick Amin wanted to tell an Indian story, one that they were nostalgic about.

Cricket was a sport that both had a lot of fond childhood memories of; the brothers had grown up hearing about cricketing legends, such as Sunil Gavaskar and his exploits on the pitch, and witnessed the sport’s elites, like Kapil Dev and Sachin Tendulkar, put Indian cricket on the global stage. 

Ankur and Nick were aware that Extra Butter’s debut in India would be about a month, or so, ahead of the 2023 Cricket World Cup and settled on  “Why not tell a story that focuses on Cricket?” The brand wanted to honor the nation’s love affair with the sport.

The centerpiece of this Extra Butter X Adidas collection is probably the Adidas Cable-Knit 2.0 SC Premiere model of shoes, in white and cricket-ball red. Incidentally, the original Cable-knit SC Premiere was designed by Extra Butter’s designers, Bernie Gross and Jeff Staple, along with Adidas’ design team, and marked the first time ever that cable-knit fabric was used as an upper on a sneaker.

The design of the shoe is loaded with Easter eggs, and this is the first time the Adidas name appeared in Hindi on the uppers of the shoe. Also, the design features the years that India has won the Cricket World Cup on the medial side of the shoe.

Additionally, the collection also features a range of apparel, including a stunning club blazer and pants, along with a vest and a full-sleeve sweater in the iconic cable knit material, that is synonymous with cricket attire. The hero piece is a short-sleeved cable-knit button-up shirt that is sure to be a big hit. The creative teams at Extra Butter really added a lot of flavors to the story by focusing on the fashion element of cricket — specifically the elegance and sophistication of the attire of the sport. There are also a variety of streetwear staples like T-shirts and caps to round off the collection.

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