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Nikki Haley Tells Voters: Dump Trump Baggage

Nikki Haley Tells Voters: Dump Trump Baggage

Nikki Haley Tells Voters: Dump Trump Baggage

EXETER, NH (IANS) − Americans need to stand behind Israel − and that includes former President Donald Trump, Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley said October 12.

“While we have their back now that they’ve been hit, what’s more important is that we have their back when they hit back,” Haley said at a New Hampshire town hall sponsored by the USA TODAY Network.

The former ambassador to the United Nations said Hamas must be eliminated and “we need to remember who the true backer of all this is – Iran.”

Haley, who served under Trump, also went after her former boss who, at a rally Wednesday, called Hezbollah – an ally of Hamas – “very smart.” And Trump said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “let us down” just before the U.S. killed a top Iranian general in 2020.

Haley said such comments are why it’s time for a new generation of leaders to “leave the negativity and chaos and the baggage” in the past.

“We can’t have someone who is so clouded with the past that they can’t see the future,” she said to whistles and applause. “Donald Trump was the right president at the right time. I don’t think he’s the right president now.”

After strong performances in the first two GOP debates, Haley has jumped in the polls, including in a recent USA TODAY/Boston Globe/Suffolk University survey of likely New Hampshire voters.

She surged ahead of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who lost the standing he once held as the dominant alternative to Trump.

But the 19% of likely New Hampshire voters who backed Haley is still far behind the 49% supporting former President Donald Trump.

Still, Trump has shifted his focus from attacking DeSantis to going after Haley.

‘Has what it takes?’

Janet Jenkins, a retired teacher from Southbridge, Mass., drove two hours with her husband to Exeter, N.H., to hear Haley speak.

“I just think she has what it takes,” said Jenkins, who has read two of Haley’s books. “I like her demeanor, the way she talks.”

What both Janet and her husband, Bob, most wanted to hear from Haley was how she thought she could win the nomination.

“Trump is so far ahead,” Bob Jenkins said.

Haley has recently expanded her operations in both Iowa and New Hampshire.

She stood out from the field with aggressive debate appearances that included criticizing Trump for adding to the national debt and telling entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, “Every time I hear you, I feel a little bit dumber for what you say.”

In a party that hasn’t unified beyond a position on a national abortion ban, Haley argues the focus should be on areas where Democrats and Republicans can find common ground.

“Stop demonizing this issue,” she said. “We have to humanize it.”

She also went after both parties for not addressing major problems facing the country. Minutes into her remarks, she said her party shares some of the blame for the federal debt.

“You don’t fix Democratic chaos with Republican chaos,” she said later in the town hall. “We need stability. We need focus. We need discipline.”

That message appealed to Dixy Scott, 78, an independent from Raymond, NH who has been turned off by Republicans since Trump came on the scene.

“She’s given me hope,” Scott said of Haley.

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  • She has no formal education. Few jobs handed to her by Trump. No one in their sane mind would give her money. An astute person will rather educate their children than the money down the drain. She is not smart but rather a smartass, speaking over a candidate, interrupting a candidate and acting like a school child trying to be recognized when you have no merit. The only woman who ever had a chance to be president was Hillary Clinton who was the most qualified but she burnt her chances by calling people deplorables and that was the end of her campaign.

    October 13, 2023
  • According to RCP Poll Averages of today from realclearpolitics.com, in national polls, Trump is at 58.3, DeSantis is at 12.9, Haley is at 7.6, Ramaswami is at 6.2; in Iowa, Trump is at 50.3, DeSantis is at 17.3, Haley is at 9.5, Ramaswami is at 6.0; in New Hampshire, Trump is at 45.0, Haley is at 14.2, DeSantis is at 10.4, and Ramaswami is at 9.0.

    So, it seems Trump still has a commanding lead over all his opponents, including Haley. Unless Trump is convicted on one of the 91 criminal charges of four indictments before the Republican primary elections are over, I fail to see anyone but Trump winning the nomination. The chances of Trump getting convicted before the Republican primary elections are over are fairly slim, however, considering how slow the wheels of justice grind. The chances of him getting convicted before the November 2024 general election are, on the contrary, much higher.

    So far, Trump’s popularity has gone up every time he got indicted, which leads many people to believe that his popularity would go up even further when he gets criminally convicted. Nothing could be farther from truth. There is a night and day of difference between indictment and conviction. Indictment implies that one is innocent until proven guilty, whereas conviction means the guilt has already been proven and one is no longer deemed innocent. Except for MAGA Republicans along with folks who traditionally vote for a Republican candidate, irrespective of who the candidate is, very few Republicans will vote for a convicted felon. Besides, even if he does get elected as a president as a convicted felon, he cannot legally serve as a president because of the clause 3 of the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Republican National Committee may not even allow Trump to run for president if he is criminally convicted.

    October 14, 2023
  • In Louisiana Trump backed candidate won the governor’s race. In the speaker race Jim Jordan still has a better chance than anyone else for the office of the speaker. March 4th is the super Tuesday and Trump has to be convicted by the time to make a drastic difference to his candidacy. None of the indictment will ever see a conviction before the November election , since no jury will convict him if it ever came to that. It will be a hung jury rather than a conviction. Trump has a choice of Vivek Ramaswamy or a female candidate like Nancy Mace or Lewandowski for the vice president candidate. It will not be Namrata (A Hindu, masquerading as a Christian) or DeSantis. Both are despised by Trump. No one invites on Ytube. She only appears on debate since it is an obligatory invitation otherwise no one really wants to be bothered with her since she has no substance and she a puppet of the Pro Pack and stooge pigeon for the Filthiy Wealthy and they know that the low IQ person has no chance So after the final debate and primary this woman will not be heard again just like Bobby Jindal another Indian American governor of Louisiana or went into Oblivion. Where as Rmaswamy is all over the YouTube interviewed by every channel and every political organization and even though some of his rhetoric is radical “The Kid will stay in the picture ”
    whether it is 2024 or 2028.
    Dictated But Not Edited.

    October 15, 2023

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