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In Defense of Donald Trump

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In Defense of Donald Trump

From Girish Modi, Decatur, GA

Let me start by saying that I am not a fan of Donald Trump. I had not voted for him in 2016 and 2020 and will not vote for him in 2024 if he gets nominated by miracle. To those of you who want to know, I am independent minded and have not voted for years for lack of finding a suitable presidential candidate.

Trump had made a history by getting elected in 2016 keeping in mind that he is not a politician. Though he is a businessman, Trump did not know how to run government or presidency. His harshness, brazenness and arrogance kept him outside the inner circle of experienced politicians throughout his presidency and made more enemies than friends. That’s why he lost 2020 election.

Trump had achieved many things during his presidency – more than Bush, Obama, and Biden, which are obscured by his constant legal problems. He could have stopped Russia from invading Ukraine, North Korea from escalating nuclear arms race, Iran from inciting violence, China from threatening Taiwan and Israel from mistreating Palestinians.  During his presidency inflation was under control and the stock market was booming. He had even tried to lower insulin and drug costs for the Medicare patients.

 It is sad that Trump has been indicted 4 times with 91 counts which is a black mark in history. All his staff members such as Meadows, Barr, Pompeo, Pence etc. are deserting him one by one just as rats jump off a sinking ship. If I were Trump, I would have shown a little modesty and admitted my mistakes such as handling of classified documents and save millions in legal fees. It will be hard to convict him, since there is no proof that he had sold America’s secret to foreign agents for money like Julian Assange & Daniel Elsberg, even if the jury does accept his testimony that he had ordered declassifying all documents in his possession before leaving office. In some respect Trump’s “crimes” are less severe sounds like politically motivated if his problems are compared with those of Hillary Clinton and Hunter Biden.

 America is a most divided country where 45 percent people are Democrats, 45 percent people are Republicans and only 10 percent people are independent or so-called swing voters. Currently only 35 percent of people support Trump’s candidacy. Hence, even though he is leading the pack, Trump will have an uphill battle getting nominated. Even then, only 35 to 40 percent people will vote for him, handing Biden unnecessary second term and opening door for Kamala Harris to run as president in 2028. I suggest that Trump should pick either DeSantis or Ramaswamy as his running mate before the primaries begin and solidify his support, which will force Biden administration to drop all charges against him. That’s the only way America can move forward.

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  • Huh? Elsberg & Assange didn’t sell America’s secrets to foreign agents !

    August 25, 2023

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