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Nikki Haley Would Have Nothing To Do With China If Elected

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Nikki Haley Would Have Nothing To Do With China If Elected

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WASHINGTON, DC – Nikki Haley, running for the Republican presidential nomination, on June 27 said at the American Enterprise Institute, that if elected, she would do “whatever it takes” to correct policy toward China and that might even include “full-on decoupling.”

Haley pointed to China’s role in the production of fentanyl, said to have propelled the opioid crisis, and said she would push Congress to revoke China’s permanent normal trade relations status.

South China Morning Post reported, that while terming China as an enemy, she also “raised concerns over China’s military build-up and domestic human rights abuses, as well as its intervention attempts in the US, noting its targeting of critical infrastructure, purchase of US land, presence in university campuses and the political lobbying process, and “stealing” of US intellectual property.”

She also criticized the former and current US President. Once in line with all Donald Trump said and did, Haley criticized his relationship with China’s President Xi Jinping, whom the former president is friendly with. “In his zeal to befriend President Xi, Donald Trump congratulated the Communist Party on its 70th anniversary of conquering China. That sent the wrong message to the world. Chinese Communism must be condemned, never congratulated,” Haley said.

She also blasted President Joe Biden as being “weak” on China policy.

Haley is currently polling in the single digits in her primary run for office.

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