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NYC Mayor Eric Adams Says Gandhi Would Have Fought Against Homelessness, Gun Violence

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Says Gandhi Would Have Fought Against Homelessness, Gun Violence

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NEW YORK, NY – New York City Mayor Eric Adams has asserted that if Mahatma Gandhi were alive today, he would have taken up causes such as migrant seekers, gun violence, homelessness, and the issue of illegal drugs. Drawing inspiration from the revered Indian leader, Adams expressed his desire to emulate Gandhi’s principles and encouraged individuals to not just admire his teachings, but to actively practice them.

During a flag-raising ceremony commemorating India’s 77th Independence Day in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan on August 15, Adams shared his reflections. Recalling his visit to India, he mentioned walking in the footsteps that marked Gandhi’s final moments before his assassination, emphasizing that while a bullet may have physically taken Gandhi away, his spiritual legacy lives on through the footsteps we must continue.

Empire State Building lit up in the Indian tricolor. Photo: @EmpireStateBldg

Adams stressed the importance of translating admiration for Gandhi’s philosophy into practical action. He highlighted that Gandhi would have aligned himself with migrant seekers, advocating for humanitarian action on their behalf. Similarly, he noted that Gandhi would have addressed critical contemporary issues, including gun violence, homelessness, the challenges posed by illegal drugs, and the well-being of senior citizens.

“We cannot only worship Gandhi. We must practice Gandhi. We need to be Gandhi-like, and we need to continue the steps that he took,” Adams asserted. He drew a parallel to the legacy of American civil rights hero Martin Luther King, emphasizing the continuation of their shared ideals.

Acknowledging the vibrant Indian community in New York, Adams highlighted the contributions of Indian Americans working across departments in his administration. He affectionately referred to the city as “the New Delhi of America,” celebrating the wealth of knowledge that emanates from this community.

The flag-raising ceremony also witnessed the presence of New York State Assembly Member Jenifer Rajkumar among several other state and city officials.

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  • HELL NO!

    Adams is an ignorant African American Man. Gandhi ignored Africans and only worked for Indians in Afrika.

    Gandhi would tell the homeless to go to the countryside build their own ashram and make their own food. The man robbed his children of a decent life. One even showed up to his funeral with rags. I wish he had not worn clothes that others gave him and been there in his own clothes.

    Another politician playing a wrong narrative.

    Indians too in their ignorance forget the true heroes. The Navy Mutineers, INA and Bose. In that order for that last domino to fall.

    August 16, 2023

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