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Pathaan: SRK-John Bromance; Deepika Sheds A Tear

Pathaan: SRK-John Bromance; Deepika Sheds A Tear

Pathaan: SRK-John Bromance; Deepika Sheds A Tear

MUMBAI, (ANI) – Deepika Padukone, Shah Rukh, John Abraham, and director Sidharth Anand were present during a ‘Pathaan‘ success media event which was organized as the film continues to rock the box office globally by earning Rs 542 crore gross worldwide in 5 days.

During the event, while John shared his experience playing the character Jim, SRK interrupted and planted a kiss on his check. SRK said, “I have given kisses to Deepika many times and this is the first time with John, and it was different,”

John said, “So sweet. For the first time, I think I am blushing.”

John said, “I got to work with Shah Rukh for the first time. I don’t think he is an actor anymore he is an emotion. It is wonderful to have Shah Rukh back like this after 4 years. Earlier I felt like I was an action hero, but I think Shah Rukh Khan today is the number 1 action hero of the country.”

Deepika Padukone got emotional while speaking about the massive box office phenomenon that ‘Pathaan’ has become. She said she had visited Mumbai’s iconic Gaiety Galaxy theatre hiding her face under a black hoodie and a black mask. During the event, the actor was asked by the host about her reaction when visiting the theatre to witness the audience’s response to ‘Pathaan’. Replying to this while wiping happy tears from her eyes, an emotional Deepika said, “It felt amazing. We had been doing indoor screening for days but finally, I got a chance to get out. I wanted to go on the day of the film’s release but that could not happen. To experience this kind of love, especially what the world has been through, the fact that a movie like this that can bring people together, that it can bring so much joy and celebration that it almost feels like a festival.”

“When you work honestly and with integrity when you put your head down and just keep going. Then when you see this love and appreciation and get rewarded like this, then it all seems worth it,” she continued.

Meanwhile, talking about her chemistry with Shah Rukh, Deepika said, “In all the films that we have worked on, we have a very good relationship which reflects on screen. There is a lot of respect between us.”

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  • I consider actions of these clowns highly repulsive and disgusting!

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