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Pista Lauj


Pista Lauj




Cardamom powder

Green food color (optional)


Soak pistachios in warm water for 30 mins.

Drain all water, peel the pistachio, and blend it in a mixture for a fine paste.

Take a broad non-stick pan and cook sugar and 1/2 cup water on medium flame till the syrup is string consistency, stir continuously to avoid burning.

Add Pista paste to it and continuously mix for 5-7 mins on low flame till the mixture leaves on the sides of the pan. Add 2-3 drops of green edible food color as per your liking.

Transfer the mixture to a plate. Grease it properly to avoid sticking. Spread the mixture evenly using a spoon. Keep for an hour to set.

Cut into equal square pieces.

Serve or store at room temperature in an air-tight container.

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