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Piyush Goyal Pitches Increasing Engagements With US

Piyush Goyal Pitches Increasing Engagements With US

The minister visited the Maydan Technology Center and met Gary Dickerson, President & CEO of Applied4Tech and other officials to see how US semiconductor companies can help India’s semiconductor and  solar manufacturing industries.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (ANI) – Union Minister for Commerce and Industry Piyush Goyal on September 7 pitched for increasing engagements with the US that will provide new opportunities to India for combating challenges in supply chains.

Addressing media at San Francisco he said, “The visit and engagements in the US will open up opportunities for us to work in partnership with each other and ensure that during challenges supply chains remain open and businesses don’t suffer and people of both the countries don’t suffer.”

He also highlighted strong business relations between India and the US. “We share strong business relations, and the US is our largest trading partner. There is a lot of investment flow between the countries. The visit is a follow-up on our ties with the US,” said Goyal.

Underscoring India’s economic stability, he said that India is an attractive destination for investment. “India offers a huge market with 1.3 billion aspirational minds, honest governance, transparent economic policies, rule of law, media and judiciary to safeguard interests of the investor or anybody working with India, making India an attractive destination for investment,” said Goyal.

“We have had record Foreign Direct Investment in India for the last 8 years. Last year we had the highest ever goods and services exports. Despite all the challenges, India continues to be a preferred trading partner and investment destination,” he added.

He said that engagements with the US will provide Indians with increased job opportunities and will give thrust to India’s economic activity.

“All of this will lead to the well-being of the people of India, providing them job opportunities, thrust to economic activity and growth which is very essential for our long-term development. India’s increasing international engagements and trade ties are leading to more employment opportunities and greater economic activity,” said Goyal.

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