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President Biden Meets With Lawyers in New York

President Biden Meets With Lawyers in New York

President Joe Biden at the NY political fundraiser


President Biden met with a hundred lawyers in New York on September 20, part fundraiser and part reelection speech. Biden said “I am very happy to see all of you because you will understand where we are in the country today from a legal point of view,” and took one of many aims at former President Donald Trump, the Republican frontrunner. This impassioned meeting occurred during a week in which Biden spoke at the UN General Assembly and held three other private fundraising events in Manhattan.

Addressing about 100 lawyers at the Intercontinental New York Barclay Hotel, who contributed between $3,330 and $10,000, Biden declared, “Donald Trump and his MAGA Republicans are determined to undermine American democracy. I’ll steadfastly defend, safeguard, and fight for our democracy. That’s why I’m in the race.”

While Biden’s public speeches showcase his administration’s achievements, these exclusive donor events crystallize his reelection message. He emphasizes that defending democracy remains a central theme in his campaign, just as it was in 2020 and the 2022 midterms.

In public speeches, Biden rarely mentions Trump directly, but behind closed doors with donors, he’s more forthright. He contrasted his vision with Trump’s, asserting, “I don’t believe America is a dark, negative nation—a nation of chaos driven by anger, fear, and vengeance. Donald Trump does.”

At a more intimate gathering, Biden suggested that Trump is destined to be the nominee again, reflecting on a 2024 rematch. He also recounted Trump’s inaction during the January 6th Capitol attack.

Despite the lack of campaign events, Biden’s anti-Trump rhetoric remains reserved for private fundraisers. Campaigning is expected to pick up next year, and for now, Biden is focused on presidential duties while building a robust campaign war chest.

Democratic strategists believe this strategy is wise, given that most Americans aren’t currently preoccupied with the 2024 campaign. They want to see the president addressing issues affecting their daily lives rather than politics.

In these private settings, Biden is less guarded and often shares anecdotes about his interactions with the public, even making jokes about his age, a common topic of discussion.

He said, “I know I am old,” and added “Trust me I know more about it than anyone else.” He argues that his experience equips him to handle crises like the COVID pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, concluding with his trademark optimism and humor.

Earlier Doug Emhoff, husband of Vice President Kamala Harris spoke. Emhoff, who is a lawyer, said that he misses the practice of law but he’s very happy serving the nation. He praised his wife and President Biden and claimed that they both had done a wonderful job for the country and should continue on this path And remarked “I get up in the morning and look at myself in the mirror and ask myself what else can I do for my country today?”

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