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Ramaswamy Dodges Question On Past Criticism Of Trump Over Capitol Riots

Ramaswamy Dodges Question On Past Criticism Of Trump Over Capitol Riots

Photo: MSNBC

WASHINGTON DC, (ANI): Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy dodged questions when he was asked about his old tweet criticizing Donald Trump over the attack on the US Capitol.

Ramaswamy further said that “censorship” was the real reason behind the January 6, 2021, episode, and Trump should instead have called for a re-election on January 7.

In an interview with MSNBC news channel, journalist Mehdi Hasan asked Ramaswamy about his post from X (formerly Twitter) from January 12, 2021, where he had called Donald Trump’s action “downright abhorrent behavior” and a “danger to democracy.”

“When someone asked me, was that condoning what Donald Trump did, I said No. There is a difference between a bad judgment and a crime,” Ramaswamy said.

On being further asked, what was “abhorrent” about what Donald Trump did, Ramaswamy said, “I think the thing that I would have done differently, if I were in his shoes. I would have declared re-election on January 7”.

To this, Mehdi Hasan said, “This is not what I asked”.

Ramaswamy further said, “What I think was reprehensible about what happened…The way a true leader should have handled the situation, should have been to say, ‘This is me running for re-election’, not always litigating what has passed and behind this. I would have done things differently, that is not a crime though what he did…”.

“I think failing to unite this country falls short of what a true leader ought to do. That is why I am in race, to do things differently than any prior President has done…the reason I have been so vocal is when somebody prosecutes somebody for a bad judgment,” he added.

Notably, amid intense campaigning, both Trump and Ramaswamy have been praising each other and appeared to be less critical of each other’s policies.

Ramaswamy had recently said that he and Donald Trump share a deep alignment on policy matters, with over 90 percent agreement while also acknowledging that there exist “small” differences.

He further asserted that he and Trump are the only two ‘America First’ candidates and he can take Trump’s agenda even further.

Earlier, Ramaswamy had dubbed Trump “the best president of the 21st century” during last week’s Republican primary debate and has characterized his candidacy as a bid to take the former president’s policies “to the next level.”

On the other hand, the former President had also heaped praises on the Indian American candidate and even signaled that would be open to having him as his running mate, stating that “He would be very good…”.

Throughout his campaign, Ramaswamy has been one of Trump’s staunchest defenders against the four indictments leveled against him — even vowing to pardon the former president on his first day in office if elected, New York Post reported.

Meanwhile, Ramaswamy drew widespread attention and became one of the most-searched 2024 Republican contenders after the debate at Milwaukee’s Fiserv Forum.

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  • True to the ethos of MSNBC and fake media, Mehdi Hasan has one of the most disagreeable personalities on air. His questioning of Vivek Ramaswamy was disingenuous, disruptive, disrespectful and totally ineffective. He kept on waving papers (purportedly Ramaswamy and refused to listen to what Mr. Ramaswamy had to say.
    Ramaswamy did not dodge any questions but calmly and eloquently explained what his position was on Mr. Trump and the bruhaha about the controversy about January 6. He referred to his published article in WSJ where he criticized Mr. Trump. He said the issue had deeper roots than what was known at that time. The election would have had a different outcome had the media had not avoided reporting on the laptop scandal involving Hunter Biden, the new President’s son. Also, Ramaswamy has repeatedly said that that more information was made available to him since the early days regarding what really went on during the post-election confusion. Ramaswamy also said that Trump did was not illegal and he, Ramaswamy, would have dealt with the situation differently.
    No, Ramaswamy has not dodged any questions from anyone including the horrible MSNBC characters. It is most refreshing to see a bright young Indian professional rising to be the only adult and unquestionably the most superior intellect in all TV encounters and public forums that I have watched where he was present.

    September 14, 2023
  • Ramaswamy, should stick with the interviewers like Carlson who is a fair and intelligent interviewer, who has the biggest following of intellects, instead of this mediocre generalist, who does not have a journalistic ethics and patience. He is probably planted to cayse trouble. He never listens to the guest and talks over the guest and interrupts him before he can answer and Ramaswamy was astute in pointing out that he’s doing dis-service to his viewers. but I don’t even know whether he has any body following him since nobody has heard of him.

    September 14, 2023
  • guests

    September 24, 2023

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