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Rath Yatra, Odia Culture Showcased In Fremont, CA

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Rath Yatra, Odia Culture Showcased In Fremont, CA

India-West Staff Reporter

FREMONT, CA – The Asthalakshmi Temple here, was enveloped in vibrant colors and palpable spiritual fervor as over 1300 devotees from near and far gathered to celebrate the grand festival of Ratha Yatra on June 24. Organized by the Jagannath Cultural and Educational Center (JCEC), this event has been a radiant display of devotion and cultural unity for three years.

Ratha Yatra holds great significance in the Hindu calendar as it commemorates Lord Jagannath’s annual journey outside the temple to grant divine darshan to devotees and spread blessings of love and peace. The JCEC Group’s meticulous attention to detail in organizing the event beautifully complemented its spiritual significance. Devotees were treated to a delectable array of sweets, including traditional Odia delicacies, and refreshing cold lassi served by selfless sevaks, exemplifying the spirit of service and hospitality.

Dr. Sangeeta Gosain, a gifted and renowned singer from India, along with her team of musicians, graced the stage, filling the air with melodies of devotion. Her soul-stirring renditions of Jagannatha bhajans resonated with the hearts of the devotees, creating an atmosphere of profound spirituality and emotional connection to the divine.

The stage came alive with the graceful movements of Odissi dancers, captivating the audience with their nimble footwork and expressive gestures. Renowned artists, including Shringar Mani Guru Shri Debasish Pattnaik and Guru Sanjiv Bhattacharya, mesmerized everyone with their flawless performances, showcasing the rich heritage of Odisha.

The cultural activities at the Ratha Yatra celebration provided a platform for artists to showcase their talent and pay homage to the land’s deep-rooted cultural legacy. From energetic traditional Odissi dances to soulful renditions of Odia songs, each performance evoked a sense of nostalgia and pride.

Devotees and guests enjoyed a sumptuous spread of traditional Odia delicacies, prepared with love and devotion. The flavors transported them to the sacred city of Puri, deepening their connection to the divine.

Photo : JCEC board members with California Assemblyman Alex Lee of 24th District. Also seen, Santa Clara City Council Member Kathy Watanabe.

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