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Rent Jewelry Instead of Buying!

Rent Jewelry Instead of Buying!


Imagine having a closet full of accessories that you can access at any time; that is the rental lifestyle for you! Some reasons why renting is preferable to buying or at least warrants your consideration:

Economic reasons: If you don’t like heavy sets, purchasing a kundan set for your wedding isn’t the best investment you can make. In fact, if you rent these, it will cost you next to nothing for four days and the rest of the money can be spent on experiences. There is always an opportunity cost associated with any purchase; renting can help you avoid that cost entirely!

Practical reasons: We all dislike wearing jewelry in our daily lives. In fact, for Indians, jewelry is more like an investment, and purchasing gold is considered auspicious. Investments provide excellent returns, but they may not be appropriate for fashion. When you buy a jewelry set, it will not go with every outfit, nor will you want to wear it all the time. In this case, renting is the best option. Consider it a one-night stand!

Sustainable choice: The rental lifestyle is unquestionably more sustainable. Renting increases the lifespan of a product, making it slower. Most of the brands are fast fashion brands that engage in mass production. Unsold products from all luxury handbag brands are burned. With a rental lifestyle, not only will the demand be lower, but the product’s life will be extended, making it slower in nature. You can slay in style without slaying the planet with the rental lifestyle.

Experiment: Experimenting is fun, but it comes at a price, especially when it comes to accessories, especially designer accessories. You may not want to wear the jeweler you purchase the following year, or it may go out of style. Renting accessories is the best way to experiment with style without spending a fortune.

Buying requires commitment: Buying is a huge financial and utility commitment, especially when it comes to jewelry. Most of the time, we splurge mindlessly in the name of retail therapy and then regret it. You use the jewelry, style it, and return it with no strings attached.

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