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Revoke The Second Amendment

Revoke The Second Amendment

From Jagjit Singh, Los Altos, CA

Another mass shooting, in the suburb of Highland Park Chicago grips America. The multiple guns used by the shooter were purchased legally, courtesy of the NRA, Republicans, and radical members of the Supreme Court.

No one is safe in America, not schools, grocery stores, not even parades celebrating the birth of our nation.

America is alone in the world with its obsession with guns not the sanctity of life.    

Politicians continue to enjoy campaign contributions from the NRA even though the organization is riddled with corruption and was forced to file for bankruptcy protection. Their non-profit status should be revoked immediately.

One welcome news, churches and other arbiters of morality have expressed their outrage on mass killings and have called for a total ban on assault weapons and a buyback program.

Most mass shootings are carried out by young men fueled by racism, sexism and a “toxic masculinity” that equates gun ownership with manhood.

Meanwhile the conservative members of the Supreme Court ruled in favor of allowing guns and weapons of war to be carried openly accelerating the likelihood of more killings.

The right to carry weapons of war has been justified by the “Second Amendment,” but former Supreme Court Justices, Warren Berger and John Paul Stevens argued vociferously that individual gun rights was a “massive fraud perpetrated on the American people and should be revoked.”

A bevy of scholars agrees, arguing a “well-regulated militia” was only necessary to protect the country during the birth of our nation but has now been replaced by multiple agencies, Homeland Security, the FBI, the National Guard, and US Law Enforcement Agencies. Thus, the Second Amendment clause, “the right to bear arms” is completely outdated and should be revoked immediately. It has been used by the NRA as a cash cow to sell guns and weapons of war.

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