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Ro Khanna, Steve Chabot Want 1971 Pak ‘Genocide of Bengalis, Hindus’ in Bangladesh Recognized

Ro Khanna, Steve Chabot Want 1971 Pak ‘Genocide of Bengalis, Hindus’ in Bangladesh Recognized

WASHINGTON, DC (ANI) – On October 15 a couple of Congressmen placed a proposed resolution in the House, urging President Joe Biden to consider recognizing the atrocities committed by the Armed Forces of Pakistan in the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971.

The resolution sponsored by Congressmen Steve Chabot (R), and Ro Khanna (D) ‘Recognizing the Bangladesh Genocide of 1971’, is eight-page long and primarily focuses on the active role played by the Pakistan army along with its ancillary units in the active involvement of mass rape and genocide committed in 1971.

“Proud to join Rep Steve Chabot in introducing the first resolution commemorating the 1971 Bengali Genocide in which millions of ethnic Bengalis and Hindus were killed or displaced in one of the most forgotten genocides of our time,” Khanna, tweeted.

“We must not let the years erase the memory of the millions who were massacred. Recognizing the genocide strengthens the historical record, educates our fellow Americans, and lets would-be perpetrators know such crimes will not be tolerated or forgotten,” Chabot said in his tweet.

The West Pakistani establishment, including the deep state at its core, was fiercely against the opinion of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (Awami League President), the supreme leader of Pakistan who won an absolute democratic majority mandate in the 1970 general elections. They formulated a heinous plan to crush the Bengali unity and to ensure that their hopes and liberation were forgotten forever. The army and collaborators launched a military crackdown codenamed Operation Searchlight on March 26, 1971.

Hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, men women and children were mercilessly murdered and ravaged throughout East Pakistan. It is estimated that almost 10 million refugees fled across the borders into India to seek refuge from the reign of terror that lasted till December of 1971. Under the joint synergistic forces of the Mukti Bahini and Indian Armed Forces, the West Pakistani military establishment capitulated.

The resolution specifically draws attention to the nine-month-long war of Independence in Bangladesh, from March to December 1971. It recalls the horror inflicted during those months of carnage and mass rape and offers sympathy to the victims.

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  • I agree that the Genocide of Hindus by the Pakistani army sent to East Pakistan and Musliim collaborators to crush the unity supporting democratically elected Sheikh Mujibar Rehman, should be recognized and officially condemned by the U.S. and other countries of the world.

    The genocide of Parsi Zarathushits/Zoroastrians in Iran by the invading Arabs in the seventh century C.E. and forced conversions to Islam, as well as frequent massacres of the minority by successive Muslim rulers in Iran and the kidnapping of their young girls who were forcibly married to Muslim men, and invaders from Turkestan, and Mongolia, has also not been recognized due to brutal suppression by the rulers for centuries. The current persecution of women in Iran is an example of the brutal suppression by rulers. The world must not forget the history or else it will repeat in the future.

    October 19, 2022

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