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Romal Mitr Wins $5K for California Youth Sustainability Award

Romal Mitr Wins $5K for California Youth Sustainability Award

Young Romal Mitr is passionate about the environment. (photo earthx.org)

India-West Staff Reporter
DUBLIN, CA – Quarry Lane School junior, Romal Mitr, was recently announced as one of the outstanding winners of the California Youth Sustainability Awards. She was awarded $5,000 as part of her Sustainability Leader Award.

“This award serves as a testament that the environmental work that I am doing is making an impact that transcends my local community,” said Romal. “It further encourages me to push the boundaries of environmental innovation.”

First launched in 2021, the competition, run by CG Roxane, makers of Crystal Geyer Alpine Spring Water, encourages and supports students who are “making a tangible difference for sustainability in their communities by taking action for the environment.”

“We were particularly inspired by Romal’s willingness and engagement to raise awareness and educate people on sustainability issues through the platform she has created through her various environmental projects,” said Charles Calvat, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at CG Roxane.

A passionate environmentalist, Romal is the founder of Reimagining Earth, an organization that works towards normalizing the use of creativity to combat our environmental problems to reimagine what the ecologically diverse earth has the potential to become. She has spearheaded several projects which span film, legislative action, mapping, and other creative outlets to push the boundaries of innovation in tackling complex environmental issues.

She currently serves as president of the Environmental Club at her school. “We are incredibly proud of Romal and the work she had done towards raising environmental awareness,” says Dr. Sabri Arac, Head of School at Quarry Lane.

With her prize money, Romal plans to continue spreading the importance of environmental awareness through workshops with the hopes of inspiring others—particularly youth—around the world to take an active role in protecting the environment. “I believe that engaging youth with environmental topics from a young age will shape their future outlook on environmental preservation,” she says.

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