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Rupi Kaur’s Book Among Most Banned In US Schools

Rupi Kaur’s Book Among Most Banned In US Schools IndiaWest India West

Rupi Kaur’s Book Among Most Banned In US Schools

TORONTO, (IANS) – Rupi Kaur, whose Twitter account was withheld in India last month over the Khalistan issue, now has her debut work among the 11 most banned books in the US classrooms for the first half of the 2022-23 school year.

Rupi Kaur’s ‘Milk and Honey’, which was released in 2014, was banned for exploring issues of sexual assault and violence, according to data provided by the non-profit PEN America.

The book, banned in multiple districts in Missouri this year, tied in ninth place with Toni Morrison’s ‘The Bluest Eye’, according to the report.

Both books were reportedly banned in 10 districts in the first half of this school year alone.

“It deeply concerns me that there is a group of people hell-bent on taking away literature that students find refuge in,” Kaur wrote in an Instagram post last week.

Apart from violence, the rest of the titles in the list discussed race and racism, LGBTQ+ characters, grief or death, student health and well-being, and teen pregnancy, abortion, or sexual assault.

“Parents want to ban books to protect their kids but teachers and librarians say that students are old enough to be aware of the topics discussed in these books. Many seek these books out because they’re going through those experiences themselves,” she wrote.

Kaur’s work encompasses love, loss, trauma, healing, femininity, and migration.

“I remember sitting in my school library in high school, turning to books about sexual assault because I didn’t have anyone else to turn to. This is the reality for many students,” she said in her post.

“We all find comfort in the literature that reflects our experiences. now that books about sexual assault and other topics are being banned — I worry for students who rely on school libraries for access to literature.”

This isn’t the first time Kaur responded to her book being banned. She commented on Instagram about a ban that went into effect in two states last year, according to NBC News.

“Over the last few months parts of Texas and Oregon have banned or attempted to ban ‘Milk and Honey’ from schools and libraries. Why? Because it explores sexual assault and violence experienced by a young woman,” she wrote.

She was also regarded as “writer of the decade” by the New Republic and recognized on the Forbes 30 under 30 list. In 2022, Kaur released her fourth book, ‘Healing Through Word’.

However, there have been plagiarism allegations on Kaur, saying she stole her poetry style and content from Nayyirah Waheed and Pavana Reddy.

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