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Samosas, Jalebis, Pizzas, Burgers Banned During Amarnath Yatra

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Samosas, Jalebis, Pizzas, Burgers Banned During Amarnath Yatra

SRINAGAR, (IANS) – In an effort to promote healthier eating habits, the Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board (SASB) has announced that certain foods, such as halwa puri, samosas, jalebi, and gulab jamun, will not be served to Yatris during this year’s Himalayan pilgrimage. The 62-day long Amarnath Yatra is scheduled to commence on July 1.

SASB officials have informed that more than 120 langars (community kitchens) will be set up along the Pahalgam and Baltal routes leading to the cave shrine to cater to the pilgrims. With a focus on the pilgrims’ health, the SASB has issued a list of permitted and prohibited meals and food items at the langars. It has been made clear that no junk or fried food will be allowed to be served.

The SASB has also shared the list of banned and permitted items with the langar authorities. The prohibited food items include poori, bathura, pizza, burger, stuffed parantha, dosa, fried roti, bread with butter, cream-based foods, pickles, chutneys, fried papad, chowmein, and all other fried or fast foods. Additionally, cold drinks, karrah halwa, jalebi, gulab jamun, laddu, khoya burfi, rasgulla, and other halwai items, along with snacks high in fat and salts like chips, kurkure, matthi, namkeen mixture, pakora, samosa, fried dry fruits, and all other deep-fried items are prohibited. Non-vegetarian foods, alcohol, tobacco, gutka, pan masala, cigarettes, and other intoxicants are also on the list of banned items.

On the other hand, the permitted menu includes cereals, pulses, green vegetables, green salad, fruits, sprouts, rice, jaggery, sambar, idli, uttapam, poha, herbal tea, coffee, low-fat curd, sharbat, lemon squash/water, figs, raisins, apricots, and other dry fruits.

Furthermore, the Director of Health Services in Jammu and Kashmir has instructed all relevant officials not to approve or forward leave applications of doctors and paramedical staff during the yatra period.

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  • Cow urine still ok!

    June 12, 2023
  • Why not also ban mules, donkeys and horses made of blood and flesh? Let the fat devotees walk on their own two legs and do it the way saints and sadhus did in the olden days! Hypocrites!

    June 13, 2023
  • What an idiotic comment by racist idiot ..

    June 13, 2023
  • This is a most sensible directive come out of a non-governmental organization in India. I hope, other organizations follow this example. Good health of people is good for the country. It is a win-win directive.

    June 20, 2023

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