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SD Nari Holding Inaugural Fundraiser On April 28

SD Nari Holding Inaugural Fundraiser On April 28

SD Nari Holding Inaugural Fundraiser On April 28

India-West Staff Reporter

SAN DIEGO, CA – Since 1995, SD Nari has been a beacon of hope for South Asian women in San Diego, particularly those of Indian origin. Operating as a non-profit organization, SD Nari’s mission is clear: to be a resource and refuge for women facing domestic abuse and other crises, providing support, guidance, and empowerment.

Behind the scenes of San Diego’s picturesque landscapes lies a community grappling with domestic violence, a reality often overlooked. But SD Nari stands as a steadfast ally for those in distress, offering a lifeline when it’s needed most, the organization said.

Led by a dedicated team of volunteers, SD Nari provides a range of services from legal referrals to vocational assistance and counseling. Each case is handled with meticulous care, ensuring that every woman receives the support tailored to her needs.

One such woman, who prefers to remain anonymous, shares her story of resilience. After facing abuse and manipulation in her marriage, she turned to SD Nari for help. With their support, she found the courage to rebuild her life, securing employment and reclaiming her independence. “I am in a better place today,” she says.

But SD Nari’s impact extends beyond individual success stories. They also strive to mend fractured relationships, recognizing that separation isn’t always the only solution. Through mediation and counseling, they guide couples towards reconciliation, fostering understanding and communication, a press release said.

SD Nari to support its activities, will host its inaugural fundraiser, the “Spring Fair” or “Basant Mela,” on April 28 featuring cultural programs and engaging activities. For more information on the event: Anu: 858.210.2126 or www.sdnari.org

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