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Shrimad Rajchandra Love and Care USA, Raises $2.1 Million In CA

Shrimad Rajchandra Love And Care USA, Raises $2.1 Million In CA

Shrimad Rajchandra Love and Care USA, Raises $2.1 Million In CA

By Rajendra Vora

ANAHEIM HILLS, CA – An enchanting evening unfolded on October 21 at the Anaheim Hills Golf Course here. Shrimad Rajchandra Love and Care (SRLC – USA), a globally recognized non-profit organization headquartered in Dharampur, India, hosted a gala that effortlessly raised $2.1 million.

The highlight of the evening was the launch of the pledge drive that commenced on a resounding note, with Manu Shah, founder of the Sarva Mangal Family Trust and retired founder of M S International, Inc. announcing his generous pledge of $1 million. Over the next 30 minutes, many attendees filled out pledge envelopes, demonstrating their commitment to SRLC’s mission.

Perhaps the most remarkable achievement of the evening was the overwhelming generosity of the attendees, who collectively pledged an astonishing $2.1 million towards the ‘Jivamaitridham’ project. Pujya Gurudevshri Rakeshji, the founder of SRLC is well known to Jain and other American audiences. The mission’s Jivamaitridham project aims to “foster love for animals and to bridge the gap between humans and animals” and “become a model center of ahimsa, where animals are treated as friends and where their well-being and security are of paramount importance.”

Dr. Chintan Mehta from Phoenix provided attendees with insights into SRLC’s work and the visionary Jivamaitridham project, using two videos and a presentation. Many of the attendees had previously supported SRLC’s initiatives and were eager to receive updates on the organization’s activities and learn about the thoughtfully designed new project that places a significant emphasis on animal welfare.

When the main host of the evening, Mahesh Wadher, introduced Manu Shah, the latter, in a heartwarming display of his dedication to those in need, orchestrated a surprise performance by members of the audience who walked and danced around the ballroom, holding lights and candles, as the melodious “Jyot-se-Jyot Jalate Chalo” video played.

Earlier, guests were welcomed into a beautifully adorned ballroom, and the evening’s program began with the auspicious Jain prayer, the Navkar Mantra. The event’s emcee, Biren Mehta, extended a warm welcome to all attendees, inviting Navneet Chugh, Dr. Anil Shah, Dr. Bharat Patel, Dr. Nitin Shah, and Mahesh Wadher on stage for the ceremonial lamp lighting.

The evening included Vandana Tilak, the founder and CEO of Jupiter360 Foundation, sharing her impressions from her visit to Dharampur, where she witnessed the transformational impact of SRLC’s work on the lives of thousands in rural South Gujarat.

There was also a solo classical dance performance set to popular Bollywood songs by the young dancer Vinaini.

The evening concluded on a high note, with attendees then enjoying a sumptuous dinner that marked the perfect ending to a night of philanthropy and unity.

For more information: www.srlcusa.org.

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  • Vast sums of money sent out of the United States, by these and legions of others sending remittances everywhere. The United States is impoverished.

    October 27, 2023
    • Typical Indians. Talk of India rising and USA falling is rampant but Indians love begging and taking money.

      USA Indians need to invest in the USA for its future generations who will never be a part of India. India has created draconian laws for me to bring my Indian money from India but it is so easy to take money in India.

      We need to be smarter and invest into our future of our children in the USA.

      Look no further than South Africa’s neglected Indians.

      October 27, 2023
      • Very well said

        October 27, 2023
      • Anil:
        With due respect, these Indians are not beggars. They are business owners. Who has created many jobs in USA. They are successful and they believe in giving back to the roots. These donations are helping so many unfortunate ones. I have seen their work. I have seen their business practices. Your name is Indian. Therefore I am commenting. USA needs better governance. Better laws and implementing the laws instead of giving freebies. I am a hotelier. I know exactly what I am talking about. Call me. 626.253.6355

        October 28, 2023
    • True

      October 27, 2023

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