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Simon & Schuster To Release Commando Lucky Bisht Biopic On July 4

Simon-Schuster-To-Release-Commando-Lucky-Bisht-Biopic-On-July-4 India West

Simon & Schuster To Release Commando Lucky Bisht Biopic On July 4

JAIPUR, (IANS) – Lucky Bisht, who has been a Jaipur student and who received the prestigious award of India’s Best NSG Commando in 2009, is basking in pride as Simon & Schuster, is releasing his gripping biopic titled ‘R.A.W. Hitman: The Real Story of Agent Lima’ in the US on July 4 and in India on July 6.

The book covers all interesting elements from his life and features, including how he was hired by a secret service agency right after his schooling. Thereafter, he was sent to Israel for training for over two years. Again, he was called to India and then sent to Northeast for a secret operation, thereafter he was sent to Congo, Baloch, etc where he worked under different IDs and then again came to India and joined NSG cover ID.

In 2010, Bisht was the personal security officer of the then Gujarat Chief Minister, Narendra Modi. Then in 2011, he was accused of double murder when he was a personal security officer of LK Advani and sent to jail. Eventually, Bisht was shifted to 11 jails which included Tihar too and in 2014 he was released as no allegations against him proved true. He again joined the agency but then resigned in 2019 and since then has been working as a writer in the Hindi film industry.

However, Bisht said that he misses agency and might again go back as this world doesn’t appeal to him.

During his recent Jaipur trip, he said, “I am very happy and feeling good that my biography is being launched by the largest publication house in the world Simon & Schuster. I am glad that the hard work which I have done in the past is now coming in front of the world in the form of this book.”

‘R.A.W. Hitman: The Real Story of Agent Lima’ is written by S Hussain Zaidi, a crime writer, and a former investigative journalist.

Bisht says that it was in 2022, when he sat down for an exclusive interview with Zaidi, the conversation explored Bisht’s life, career, and exploits across the globe as an agent for RAW. “Zaidi and I connected via some known people. Gradually he came to know about my life, and he felt that my own life story is better than those crime subjects,” he said.

Through this book, Bisht says, “I would like to tell one thing to the readers that you should never lose hope in life in your toughest times. A lie could be bigger, but the truth comes out one day.”

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