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Snakes In Our Backyard: Indian Canadian MP On Khalistanis

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Snakes In Our Backyard: Indian Canadian MP On Khalistanis

TORONTO, (IANS) – Slamming the recent pro-Khalistan poster labeling Indian diplomats as ‘killers”, Indian-origin MP Chandra Arya warned on July 5 that snakes in Canada’s backyard are “raising their heads and hissing”, in an apparent reference to the rising Khalistani menace in the country.

“Khalistanis in Canada continue to reach new low in abusing our Charter of Rights and Freedom by promoting violence and hate,” Arya tweeted. “While it is good to see Canadian authorities are noticing, we should note the snakes in our backyard are raising their heads and hissing. It is only a question of time when they bite to kill,” the MP said.

The poster, announcing the Khalistan Freedom Rally on July 8, sparked outrage across India by calling India’s High Commissioner to Ottawa Sanjay Kumar Verma, and Consul General in Toronto Apoorva Srivastava as “killers” of Khalistan Tiger Force chief Hardeep Singh Nijjar.

India summoned the Canadian High Commissioner Cameron MacKay on July 4 to discuss the issue.

It came a month after Khalistanis, marking the 39th anniversary of Operation Blue Star, put up a tableau of late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi with blood on her clothes and a poster that read, “Revenge of attack on Shri Darbar Sahib”.

“Emboldened by non-criticism from elected officials of a recent Brampton parade portraying and celebrating the assassination of Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by her bodyguards, they are now openly calling for violence against India diplomats,” Arya said.

Nijjar, 45, was gunned down outside a gurdwara in the parking area in Surrey.

He had links with the banned Sikhs for Justice, led by a US-based designated terrorist.

Similar pro-Khalistan posters have emerged in Australia, targeting the High Commissioner of India in Australia, Manpreet Vohra and the Consulate General of India in Melbourne, Sushil Kumar.

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  • Can someone tell the lost & clueless Justin Trudeau?

    July 5, 2023
  • Bravo, MP Arya for your courage and leadership. Time for Canadian Government to declare Khalistani groups as domestic terrorists .

    July 5, 2023
  • NO!
    India does not want them. They are now Canadians and Canada can have them.

    July 5, 2023
  • Canada is going the way of France.

    Hindus should enjoy the attention they are getting. If Khalistanis place graffiti on the walls. Just leave it there. In place a photo of Guru Gobind Singh on the wall next to the graffiti. After all Guru Gobind and Guru Nanak were the biggest practitioners and fighters for Vaishnavism and Sanatan Dharma.

    July 5, 2023
  • No, Just send Hitman for these criminals.

    July 6, 2023

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