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SRK, Atlee ‘Conned’ Deepika Into Believing Her ‘Jawan’ Role Was A Cameo

SRK, Atlee ‘Conned’ Deepika Into Believing Her ‘Jawan’ Role Was A Cameo

MUMBAI (IANS) – Shah Rukh Khan, whose latest release ‘Jawan‘, has set the cash registers ringing, said that he and his director Atlee fooled actress Deepika Padukone into thinking that her role was a cameo in ‘Jawan’.

Speaking to the media on September 15, SRK said: “I would like to mention that I and Atlee sir fooled Deepika into believing that her role was of a special appearance in the film aur humne uske saath poori picture shoot kar li.”

The actor also narrated an incident when he decided that Deepika should be a part of the film. He shared with the media that he thought of adding Deepika to ‘Jawan’ cast while the song ‘Besharam Rang’ from ‘Pathaan’ was being filmed.

He told the media: “I looked at her, she was looking all dazzling and while looking at her, I thought, ‘Ye maa ka role karegi kya?’ I then asked Pooja, my manager to ask Deepika if she would do the part and within 5 minutes she said yes.”

Deepika essays the role of Vikram Rathore’s (SRK senior) wife and Azaad (SRK Junior) in the film. She gives birth to Azaad’s character during her jail time in the film. Azaad then goes onto become the jailer of the same penitentiary which once held Deepika captive during her trial.

Learning that she was tricked into doing the whole film, Deepika said: “Whatever it is, I will always work in anything that SRK asks me to because we share a special bond since I started my career opposite him in ‘Om Shanti Om’. And as for the switch from the sultry look in ‘Pathaan’ to the role of a mother in ‘Jawan’, I don’t think any actor would think like how they would look in a certain role after doing a certain kind of role.”

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