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Swami Bhoomananda To Hold Five Day Bhagavad Gita Retreat In CA & OH

Swami Bhoomananda To Hold Five Day Bhagavad Gita Retreat In CA & OH

Swami Bhoomananda To Hold Five Day Bhagavad Gita Retreat In CA & OH

By Hema Ravikumar

TUSTIN, CA – An uplifting spiritual enrichment opportunity with a five-day Bhagavad Gita knowledge immersion retreat conducted by the spiritual master and social reformer Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha Maharaj, founder of the Narayanashrama Tapovanam based in Thrissur, Kerala, will be held here from June 16-24.

Swamiji who recently turned 91 years old, belongs to the Tirtha lineage instituted by Adi Shankaracharya and received his initiation at the age of 23 from Baba Gangadhara Paramahamsa of West Bengal. His lectures based on spiritual texts and his personal experiences have been positively impacting and transforming thousands of lives all over the world. http://www.bhoomananda.org

The current US satsang and lecture program organized by the Center for Inner Resources  Development North America commenced in the Bay Area on June 3 and will continue until July 11 with public programs scheduled in SoCal and Ohio.

Accompanying Swamiji to the Southern California retreat from June 16-24 will be longtime disciples Swami Nirviseshananda and Swamini Gurupriya who will also share their wisdom in the form of illuminating discourses.

Organizers said attendees can look forward to an informative time absorbing the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita in a format specifically designed to provide answers to existential queries and dispel doubts, perhaps especially more beneficial in these troubled post-COVID times filled with stress and uncertainty. The Gita’s ultimate goal is filling one with inner strength, peace, harmony, right purpose and fostering an enthusiastic yet dispassionate commitment to enlightened living. The focus of Swamiji’s selfless life of knowledge dissemination and continuous service has always been with the goal of alleviating humanity’s suffering.

While sharing the light of spiritual texts to dispel the darkness of ignorance is one way Swamiji does this to a grateful public, conducting charity camps and projects for the needy, and being an exalted refuge for those who seek him as a guide to re-awaken contentment, and peace within themselves are others. 

The free retreat will be held at the Fairfield Inn and Suites Marriott and the Residence Inn Marriott in Tustin. Light prasad lunch and dinner will be served. For more information and registration: https://cirdna.org/event_page/bhagavad-gita-retreat-2024. In SoCal call Shanthi Narayanan (949) 529-4756; Bay Area, Nilesh Kumar (484) 470-9799; Columbus, Ohio: Sajeev Nair: (614) 571-7258.

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