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Teacher Also Learns From Students: Kuchipudi Dancer Yamini Reddy

Teacher Also Learns From Students: Kuchipudi Dancer Yamini Reddy

NEW DELHI, (IANS) – Born to legendary Kuchipudi exponents, Dr. Raja and Radha Reddy, Yamini Reddy, a three-time National award-winning Kuchipudi dancer, reminisces about her journey from a young dancer to an established artist. She acknowledges that early on, there was immense pressure to live up to her parents’ standards, given their years of experience, hard work, and dedication. However, as time passed, Yamini managed to carve her own identity in the world of Kuchipudi.

Debuting on stage at the tender age of three, she has a passion to introduce Kuchipudi to a discerning younger audience blending elements of theater and temple dances, inherently lends itself to narrative expression due to its rich repertoire of episodes, vachika abhinayam, dialogues, and natyam.

Yamini shares her creative collaboration experiences, having worked with talents like Leah Curtis in “Harmony” and collaborating with dancers Gopika Varma, Krithika Subramaniam, and actress Suhasini in “Antaram.” These collaborations, she notes, foster growth, learning, and the expansion of her artistic horizons.

Addressing reactions from purists, Yamini believes the key lies in the presentation. She emphasizes that collaborations should be well-thought-out, respecting the nuances of the art form and conveying the correct sensitivities. She asserts that while classical artists advocate for improvisation within the guru-shishya parampara (teacher-student tradition), the evolving contemporary landscape has led to changes in teaching methods. Recognizing the changing lifestyles of both teachers and students, she suggests adapting teaching methodologies accordingly, while still valuing the traditional approach.

While she remains dedicated to her artistic pursuits, Yamini envisions a broader role in the arts. Expressing a desire to contribute to robust arts policies, she hopes to create a thriving ecosystem for the artistic community.

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