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TIME Appoints Shyla Raghav As Chief Climate Officer

TIME Appoints Shyla Raghav As Chief Climate Officer

TIME Appoints Shyla Raghav As Chief Climate Officer

NEW YORK, NY – TIME magazine has announced Shyla Raghav’s appointment as Chief Climate Officer.

“This promotion is not just a recognition of Shyla’s great work to date, it’s as much a proof point of TIME’s dedication to climate action.  Shyla will focus on building on our momentum and expanding our climate programs and community, as well as further evolving TIME’s own climate goals and journey,” the organization’s President of Sustainability, Simon Mulcahy, said in a press note.   

Shyla has spent her entire career working on climate solutions and advocating for climate action. She brings 15 years of experience in climate change policy, international climate finance, coalition building, and nature conservation. 

Prior to joining TIME, she served as Vice President for Climate Change at Conservation International, where she was responsible for the organization’s strategy on climate change and climate action coalitions.  This included supporting the Maldives, leader of the Alliance of Small Island States, during the negotiations on the Paris Climate Agreement.  Prior to that, she conducted research on climate change in Dominica, Belize, and Thailand, in addition to professional experiences at the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, the UN Development Program, the Caribbean Community Climate Change Center, and the Adaptation Fund.

Shyla was featured in In Style Magazine’s “Badass Women.” She also delivered the popular TEDx talk on reimagining climate change and sacrifice.

Shyla was born in India and lived in Nigeria and Saudi Arabia, where she witnessed the effects of climate change firsthand.While in high school, she encouraged her peers to lower their emissions by switching to LED lightbulbs and taking the stairs instead of the elevator, according to Wikepedia.

She holds a master’s degree in environmental management from Yale University.

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