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Tips That Can Help Keep Your New Year Resolution

Tips That Can Help Keep Your New Year Resolution

We make new year’s resolutions every year. While the intent is to follow and live by them throughout the year, very few of them materialize. While there are some new ones, some are carried forward yearly. As we step into 2023, let’s try and learn some new ways to follow the resolutions this year.

Make it a habit

Habits are a way for the brain to automate repeated patterns of behavior in order to ensure we use our awareness more efficiently throughout the day. To change a habit, one should examine the motivation that precedes the routine – and identify the reward from practicing that routine.

Think of each Monday as a mini–New Year’s

The Monday Campaigns advises people to use each Monday as a mini-New Year’s if they want long-term success for their health goals. By changing a single New Year’s resolution into frequent ‘Healthy Monday Resolutions,’ people may have 52 opportunities to update intentions throughout the year, instead of just one. The increased regular commitment may also help sustain healthy behavior over time.

3. Make small, reasonable goals

By holding ourselves accountable each week, we can evaluate our behavior without judgement and make necessary corrections. It is possible to frequently celebrate tiny victories by making small changes, which serves as a reward and replaces the incentive gained from unwanted behavior.

4. Reward yourself

Set goals and once you accomplish them, reward yourself. Don’t be too harsh on yourself, instead enjoy the process in its entirety. Make small goals and once you reach the finish line, reward yourself with something.

Plan well in advance

Spending the time necessary to complete something is the only way to ensure that it gets done. It is best to set the time to go forward to achieve this. If you want to work toward your goal on a daily, weekly, or even yearly basis, scheduling the time like you would other important commitments is a great way to stay motivated. (ANI)

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