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Top Beard Styles For Men Inspired By Bollywood


Top Beard Styles For Men Inspired By Bollywood

If you haven’t already caught the drift, you’re a tad bit late to the party, the beard is trending, and how. It’s out with moustaches, and “No Shave November,” is making its impact. Throughout the year, several Bollywood celebrities have made it their mission to rock beards of every kind, sharp, sophisticated, and even unruly. Here are a few names for inspiration.

Shahid Kapoor’s Royal Beard

Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor is no stranger to captivating audiences with his acting prowess. Over time, he has developed not only his acting technique but also his fully-grown beard appearance. His fans were infatuated when he uploaded a picture of himself looking dapper and flaunting The Royal beard. This style is extremely versatile and combines a chin strip with a mustache.

Hrithik Roshan’s Hipster Beard

In numerous movies, the actor has perfectly styled his beard. In the picture, the actor’s fully grown mustache and beard appear rugged and all-time tough, manly.

Arjun Kapoor’s Goatee Beard

The B-town actor has evolved with every movie he has been in, particularly in terms of the way he styles himself. Here the actor is seen sporting a moustache and a thick beard most of the time, but here he adds the Goatee to it.

Ranveer Singh’s Chinstrap Beard

Ranveer Singh has changed his style from loud and vivacious to understated and elegant. His grooming habits reflect his change of mood. Since Gunday, the actor has perfectly pulled off every beard style, from a well-groomed stubble in Ram Leela to a lengthy, hanging beard in Padmaavat. His unique sense of style always makes headlines. The chinstrap beard is also one of the hottest-trend people are following in 2023.

Ranbir Kapoor’s Bushy Beard

Ranbir Kapoor’s latest hit has him in the spotlight, and this beard is in keeping with his character in his latest flick. This is not too different from its longer traditional bushy beard. Though the beard has a messier look, it is attractive. However, it needs a good beard wash regularly to keep it detangled and soft.

Saif Ali Khan’s Stubble

With a beard that has changed with each of his iconic appearances, Pataudi’s nawab is a charming character. The long stubble should be your go-to if you want a well-groomed look with robust locks. This style looks good on all types of faces and is great for those who suffer from patchy beard growth.

Bobby Deol’s Bushy Beard

Bobby looks effortlessly charismatic and stylish in this beard look and he is carrying this look with such a charm. The longer version is a traditional favorite amongst the old school in the Indian hinterland.

Vicky Kaushal’s Viking

Vicky Kaushal has soon become the heartthrob of the nation with his on-screen performances and presence on social media with his soothing and charming beard look. He takes to the Viking beard which was a feature of Scandinavian warriors in the late 11th century. The popular beard type symbolizes manliness and toughness and is known for winners of battles. (IANS)

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