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Try These Tricolor Recipes For R-Day

Try These Tricolor Recipes For R-Day

Try These Tricolor Recipes For R-Day

Saffron Sweet Pearls With Cardamom Baked Yogurt

Cardamom Baked Yogurt:


250g Hung curd

60g Icing sugar

100g Condensed milk

125g Fresh cream

5g Cardamom powder


Mix all the ingredients in a mixing bowl.

Whisk the mixture until you achieve a smooth consistency.

Pour the mixture into an earthen pot or kulad.

Bake at 150°C for 16 minutes in a double bath.

Refrigerate for 2 hours.

Serve chilled.

Sweet Pearls (Bondi):


250g Gram flour (besan)

A pinch of baking soda

90ml Water

1g Saffron strands

Oil for frying

Sugar Syrup:

200g Sugar

100ml Water

2 nos Cardamom

1g Saffron

50ml Rose water


In a saucepan, combine sugar, water, saffron, and cardamom for the sugar syrup. Make a thick syrup, and add rose water for flavor.

Mix water with gram flour to form a smooth batter.

Add saffron to the mixture and then whisk in baking soda.

Pass the mixture through a perforated ladle into hot oil in a kadai to make Bondi.

Remove Bondi and strain excess oil.

Dip the Bondi in warm sugar syrup and let it rest for an hour.

Remove excess syrup through a strainer.

Sweet Bondi is now ready to serve.


Serve the cardamom baked yogurt in a kulad, accompanied by sweet Bondi. Garnish with chopped nuts.

Tiranga Moti Cheesecake:

Cardamom Cheesecake:


250g Philadelphia cheese

250g Fresh double cream

200g White chocolate

10g Cardamom powder


Cream the cheese until smooth.

Slowly add fresh double cream to the cheese mix while whisking.

Add white chocolate and cardamom powder to the mixture.

Set the cheesecake mix in a tray and chill in a freezer.

Sweet Pearls:

Ingredients and Method: (same as above)


Melted white chocolate with orange, green, and white color cut into desired shapes for placement.


Place sweet bondi at the bottom.

Add the cardamom cheesecake mix on top.

Place the chocolate on the plate, cut the cheesecake, and stack them to indicate the flag colors.

Garnish and serve.

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