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US Strongly Denies Involvement in Imran Khan’s Troubles

US Strongly Denies Involvement in Imran Khan’s Troubles

WASHINGTON, DC (IANS) – The US government categorically rejected any kind of involvement in the no-trust motion against Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, saying the allegations of American involvement are baseless, Geo News reported.

The US reacted strongly as Khan had recently brandished a letter during a power show saying that it contains evidence of a foreign plot hatched against him and the Opposition’s no-trust motion is also a part of this foreign conspiracy to topple his government.

On Mar.30, the premier’s gist of the ‘threat letter’ was also shared with senior journalists.

Responding to a question asked by Geo News regarding the letter, the US State Department categorically rejected any kind of involvement in the no-confidence motion against Khan.

“Allegations of US involvement in the no-trust motion and ‘threat letter’ to PM Imran Khan are baseless,” said the State Department.

The US government is monitoring the political situation of Pakistan, however and supports the rule of law in Pakistan, it added.

Regarding the question of a no-trust motion against Khan, the State Department said that they respect the constitutional process in Pakistan.

Khan, during what the PTI labelled as one of its “biggest” rallies in its history at the Parade Ground in Islamabad, flashed a letter before the public, saying that he has “written evidence” that “money has been pouring in from abroad”, while “some of our people are being used to topple the government”.

He had said that for months, “plotting and planning is being carried out to influence the foreign policy of Pakistan from outside”.

Pakistan’s former High Commissioner to India Abdul Basit said that state officials issuing such threats to diplomats is completely unheard of.

“Incidents where state officials tell diplomats that they would sever ties if a country’s government is not sent packing has never been heard before,” he said.

Basit said that “sensitive issues of foreign policies should not be discussed in public”.

He said that the memo the prime minister has been referring to most probably carries the minutes of the meeting between US officials and a Pakistani diplomat, adding that along with the minutes, the letter might also include the assessment of the diplomat regarding the future.

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