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Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Ruslan Sirota Collaborate With Kshitij Tarey For Album


Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Ruslan Sirota Collaborate With Kshitij Tarey For Album

MUMBAI, (IANS) – Grammy Awards winners Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt and Ruslan Sirota have collaborated with singer Kshitij Tarey for an international album titled ‘Classical Crossover’. The album is a fusion music project with an amalgamation of different genres of music and will be releasing one track every month.

The first song ‘More Ghar Aye- Classical Funk’ has hit the airwaves. ‘More Ghar Aye- Classical Funk’ features collaboration between Kshitij and international bassist Camille Frillex. The USP of the album is the meeting of two completely different genres of Indian and Western music that come together to create a beautiful musical piece.

The track is a fusion between Indian classical singing along with Funk and it captures the true essence of the album.

Commenting on ‘Classical Crossover’ and its first track, Kshitij said, “‘Classical Crossover’ is a dream project for me. I have admired the work of these Grammy award-winning musicians for a long time, and getting to collaborate with such legends on this album was an absolute honor. The first song is in the classical Bandish format and it’s a very peppy and upbeat track. Camille Frillex from Paris features in the video and has also played the bass guitar for the same. The music video of the same is directed by Vikrant Kirar.”

The album includes genres such as Classical, Jazz, Funk, Thumri and EDM.

Commenting on her collaboration with Kshitij, Camille Frillex said, “I loved the composition, the harmony, the groove, everything was matching perfectly with my musical tastes and influences. His music inspired me a lot. ‘More Ghar Aye’ is a mix between different cultures, its aesthetic is like a journey into Afro-American beats with an Indian touch. It is dynamic, full of color and energy.”

‘More Ghar Aye- Classical Funk’ is available to stream on Kshitij Tarey’s official Youtube channel and other leading platforms under the label of Strumm Music.

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