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Wealthy Couple, Teen Daughter Found Dead At Home


Wealthy Couple, Teen Daughter Found Dead At Home

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NEW YORK, NY (IANS) – A couple, who headed a tech company, and their teen daughter have been found dead here and the local prosecutor said it was likely a “domestic issue incident”.

The prosecutor, Michael Morrissey, identified them on December 29 as Rakesh Kamal, 57, his wife, Teena, 54, and their 18-year-old daughter, Ariana, and said the incident happened on December 28 evening.

He told reporters that at the house “there was no sign of any kind of a break-in,” and, therefore, he added, “I am led to believe that it is probably a domestic issue incident.”

He said that a gun was found next to Rakesh Kamal but would not say how they died.

But Morrissey added that previously “There’s been no police reports, there’s been no problems, no domestic issues, no nothing at that house or in the entire neighborhood that I’m aware of”.

Teena Kamal, who had graduated from Delhi University and studied at Harvard University, was the founder of Edu Nova along with her husband, according to the American Red Cross, which said that she was on the board of directors of its Massachusetts chapter.

The Better Business Bureau, which showed her as the CEO, listed “Rick” Kamal as President of the company. He was a graduate of Boston University, MIT Sloan School of Management, and Stanford University.

WBZ TV in Boston said that according to investigators a relative went to the house to check on the family, saw someone dead, and called police.

There were indications of the family facing financial problems with Boston 25 News TV reporting that Teena Kamal had filed for bankruptcy in a federal court last year.

It said she later sold the house for $3 million even though it was valued at $6.8 million.

The palatial house in Dover, near Boston, has 27 rooms, according to WCVB TV.

On TV newscasts, the house appeared decorated with lights and Christmas ornaments.

Earlier, Morrissey’s spokesperson David Traub issued a statement that “the evidence available at this time does not indicate the involvement of any outside party but suggests that this is a deadly incident of domestic violence”.

Morrissey said that Ariana Kamal was a student at Middlebury College in Vermont.

Boston 25 TV reported that Middlebury College said that she was “a brilliant student and an amazing singer” enrolled in her first year.

According to NBC10 TV in Boston, Milton Academy said that she had graduated from high school this year and her mother was the president of the parents’ association.

Calling the deaths “a devastating loss to our community,” the school said, “Aria was a sweet, smart, kind young woman who was just beginning to realize her full potential.”

It added that her mother “was a committed and caring advocate for both parents and students at Milton”.

The Massachusetts chapter of the American Red Cross said on its website that she had worked at Aegis Software Corp, EMC Corporation, and Fidelity Investments, and held three patents.

In a statement quoted by WCVB, the American Red Cross said it “is deeply saddened by the tragedy in Dover”.

The Better Business Bureau said that Edu Nova, affiliated with Zendigo Group and Acera, “develops and markets educational systems directly to consumers, learning centers and educational institutions. The business also provides LCP (Large and Complex) I.T. Assessment Services to large businesses in the educational and financial fields.”

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