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Wesleyan University Student Attacked By Masked Men

Wesleyan University Student Attacked By Masked Men

Wesleyan University Student Attacked By Masked Men

CHICAGO, IL (IANS) – A student from Hyderabad was injured when four armed robbers attacked him. Syed Mazahir Ali, pursuing a master’s in information technology at Wesleyan University, was attacked and robbed by three men at Campbell Avenue on February 4.

Ali’s wife Syeda Ruquiya Fatima Razvi, who lives in Hyderabad, on February 6appealed to External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar to help in ensuring the best medical treatment for him.

In a letter to the minister, she requested that arrangements be made for her travel to the US along with their three minor children. She said she received a call from her husband’s friend that he was attacked and robbed when he was near his apartment. He was taken to a hospital.

Fatima said she got in touch with her husband after some time, but he was in shock and was unable to talk to her. She wrote that she was worried about the safety of her husband.

Video footage of the incident shows Ali walking on a road and three masked men chasing him. Another video clip shows the profusely bleeding victim narrating the incident.

With blood oozing out from his forehead, nose, and mouth, he said he was returning home with a food packet when four men chased and attacked him. “I slipped near my house, and they punched and kicked me and snatched my mobile phone,” he said.

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  • The student needs to pay attention to his surroundings; he can return to India to be with his family and children. It is expensive the other way around.

    February 6, 2024
  • Random attacks are common and occurs whether you are student or not. Report the incident to the police along with the description of attackers. But to ask Indian government for help is not appropriate. The Indian government did not send this student (victim) for study here in USA. Moreover, students are required to have medical insurance by the educational institution whey they study. Be aware of your surroundings and avoid isolated areas and avoid fight if possible but if you see your life in danger, then fight till death.

    February 6, 2024
    • Just thought so. Why bring his family of four to attend his situation; he could fly back and be with his family. Part wants to believe this story, the other tells there is more to the story. Is it one of those Jussie Smollett type of situation? His family appears was immediate in requesting assistance from FM to intercede for their trip.

      February 7, 2024

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