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Who is Your Best Zodiac Friend?

Who is Your Best Zodiac Friend?


NEW DELHI, (IANS) – By the time we grow up, friendship gets very complicated. Many lose the person they were once too close to, and some become best friends forever in a literal sense. If you go by zodiac signs, then here is a list which will tell you the signs that make the best of friends, according to Pandit Jagannath a well-known astrologer in India:

Aries: Aries are independent, and Sagittarians offer that space to them. Together they can have the best of journeys. Their adventures can give you tons of stories that may inspire many other friends.

Taurus: Taureans’s are often attracted to Virgos as best friends. They can be seen appreciating how well organized everything around them is. If they own Instagram accounts, you may find many food stories of them together.

Gemini: Geminis are best handled by Librans. They are balanced out by the latter. They may even become besties with Aquarius folk because they revel in the intelligent talks you have to offer.

Cancer: These emotionally tense zodiac signs are great with Scorpios in a very interesting way. Serious feelings and energized conversations are very much mutual.

Leo: Leos gel best with a fellow Leo because both understand the page they are on. Both love the spotlight and neither of you knows how to work with light and dark contradictions. Neither of you judges each other and that makes a lot of difference.

Virgo: Virgos would make best friends with Capricorns. Being organized and meticulous is what both live on so what more do we need here?

Libra: Librans and Aquarians gel well. The tuning is so wild that it can make many people jealous. Both value each other and that is what friends are.

Scorpio: It is strange in some sense but if you look at it closely, it is obvious, Scorpios and Pisces tend to make amazing friends. There is no judgment, and the latter gets the passionate side of a Scorpio.

Sagittarius: Sagittarians seek adventure, and a Leo pal fits into this picture. The latter indulges them in taking those umpteen selfies, celebrating each step during that freaky trek. Their camaraderie is what many of us seek but rarely get.

Capricorn: They make best friends with Taurus. Both can make things happen and they love the spirit indeed.

Aquarius: Aquarians and Gemini make the best of friends. The intelligence and the connections are rarely found and there is always so much for them to talk about.

Pisces: Pisces and Cancerians often go hand in hand. Both are sympathetic and they care about emotions. Both can be that rock for each other and who doesn’t want a friendship of that caliber.

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