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Who’s Popular — Biden or Trump

Who’s Popular — Biden or Trump

From Girish Modi, Decatur, GA

As President Joe Biden shifts his reelection campaign into higher gear, his candidacy is being tested by a striking divide between Democratic leaders, who are overwhelmingly unified behind his bid and voters who cast doubts about his eligibility. Biden, who will be 82 on Inauguration Day, may simply not be up for another four years. The voters don’t want this and that’s poll after poll after poll. A CNN poll released this month found that 67% of Democrats would prefer Biden not be re-nominated. The discord between the party’s elite and its voters leaves Democrats confronting a level of disunity over a president running for reelection not seen for decades.

Majorities of Democrats do not want him to run again, are open to an alternative in the primary, and dread the idea of a Biden-Trump rematch. In quiet conversations and off-the-record gatherings, Democratic officials frequently acknowledge their worries about Biden’s age and sagging approval ratings. But publicly, they project total confidence in his ability to lead and win. Biden’s campaign and his allies argue that much of the intraparty dissent will fade away next year, once the election becomes a clear choice between the president and former President Donald Trump, the dominant leader in the Republican primary field.

The situation is almost the opposite of the Republican field, where Trump holds a commanding lead among the party’s base but remains far less beloved by a political class that fears his unpopularity among moderate and swing voters will lead to defeat in 2024. Four indictments have marred Trump’s momentum and he will be finished if he is convicted in any of these indictments.

According to the latest poll numbers both Biden and Trump are in dead heat. It appears that independent voters, also known as swing voters, will decide the outcome of the election. In other words, all the candidates are wasting time and money in campaigning for the last year and half. This happens only in America.

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  • A Comparative Analysis: Trump vs. Biden in the 2024 Election
    By Pradeep Srivastava
    As we stand on the cusp of the 2024 general election, all indications suggest that Donald Trump is poised to secure the Republican nomination effortlessly, thus setting the stage for a monumental showdown against the incumbent, President Joe Biden. In a democracy that celebrates individual freedoms, every citizen has the prerogative to cast their vote in alignment with their convictions. Personally, I am inclined to throw my support behind President Biden for the following compelling reasons.
    The Legacy of Inclusivity:
    The United States has historically been a beacon of hope for immigrants and minority communities, offering boundless opportunities for those who seek it. A pivotal juncture in this legacy transpired with the passage of the 1965 Immigration Act, an epochal piece of legislation meticulously etched into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson. This landmark act abolished the National Origins Formula, which had guided immigration policy for decades, thus eliminating discrimination against various ethnic groups. President Johnson’s foresight and leadership undeniably flung open the doors for countless individuals from diverse backgrounds, enabling them to contribute substantially to the nation’s flourishing and prosperity.
    Trump’s Ascendancy within the Republican Party:
    Donald Trump has ascended as a formidable figure within the Republican Party, leaving many members apprehensive about confronting his leadership. This phenomenon has given rise to an atmosphere where sycophantic loyalty appears to reign supreme, fostering apprehensions about the party’s trajectory. It is noteworthy that Trump continues to enjoy a substantial lead in the polls, despite grappling with four criminal indictments encompassing a staggering 91 counts. These unfolding events beckon us to ponder the path the Republican Party is traversing, often associated with affluence and a significant portion of the MAGA movement, which has encountered critique for its association with certain contentious ideologies.
    Evaluating President Biden’s Performance:
    For those who harbor reservations regarding President Biden’s performance, I recommend perusing an enlightening article penned by Mitchell R. Grosky titled “My Turn: Biden’s Record and Accomplishments Are Extremely Positive” (1). Grosky ardently underscores President Biden’s remarkable achievements during his tenure of two-plus years in office, many of which bear immense significance for both the American populace and the global community.
    Some of these noteworthy accomplishments encompass:
    American Rescue Plan: Furnishing indispensable relief amid the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic.
    Infrastructure Bill: A concerted effort to fortify the nation’s infrastructure.
    Bipartisan Safer Communities Act: Pioneering initiatives for law enforcement reform.
    Unemployment Rate: A historic reduction to record lows, coupled with the creation of millions of jobs.
    Veteran Support: An unwavering commitment to veterans affected by burn pits.
    End of the Afghanistan War: A momentous milestone in the annals of U.S. history.
    Support for Ukraine: Manifesting steadfast support for democratic allies.
    Inflation Reduction Act: A significant stride in rendering healthcare more accessible.
    CHIPS and Science Act: Bolstering semiconductor production within the United States.
    Green Energy Initiatives: A determined stance against climate change, propelling the clean energy agenda.
    Postal Service Reform Act: A concerted effort to modernize and stabilize the U.S. Postal Service.
    Other Accomplishments: A litany of achievements, including the revitalization of alliances, the redressal of social issues, and the pursuit of electoral reform.
    These substantial milestones, attained in under three years, offer a testament to the progressive and prolific approach of the Biden administration, a course of action that has undeniably ushered in a positive transformation for all Americans. As we approach the momentous 2024 election, it becomes imperative for voters to contemplate these feats and the visionary direction they chart for the future of our nation.
    [1] “My Turn: Biden’s record and accomplishments are extremely positive” by Mitchell R. Grosky (Read Article)

    September 28, 2023

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