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Why Are Asians The Model Minority For The American Establishment?

Why Are Asians The Model Minority For The American Establishment?

From Jugraj Singh, CA

“We did not land on Plymouth Rock. Plymouth Rock landed on us” – Malcolm X

Malcolm X described two categories of minorities: Field Negro and House Negro. The Field Negro could not be trusted by slave owners because he hated his masters and resented being abused. The House Negro loved his master, could be trusted by slave owners, and would help slave-owners to oppress other slaves to protect his special status. What the American establishment wants for minorities is for them to aspire to become House Negroes.

If I had the opportunity to meet Brother Malcolm, I would tell him two additional categories should be added for Asians: Backyard Negro and Porch Negro. Asians start off closer to being House Negroes than other minorities because the establishment sees us as non-threatening, anti-traditional minority groups and trusts us to eventually sell out. What differentiates Asians from other minorities is we focus on remaining within the system and making high academic and professional achievements. In contrast to Blacks, Asians are thankful to be allowed to land on Plymouth Rock.

The establishment gives traditional minorities (Blacks, Latinos, and Natives) a lower status of Field Negro because they have historically struggled against racism with armed resistance. Muslims, post-September 11, 2001, cannot be trusted by the establishment so have been pushed further away from the field into the forest, hence they are forest-dwelling Negroes.

The real reason the establishment prefers Asians is that our median household income is higher than the average American household income:

Indian Americans                   $100,500

Filipino-Americans                  $83,300

Taiwanese Americans             $82,500

Sri Lankan-Americans            $74,600

Japanese Americans              $72,300

Malaysian Americans              $70,300

Chinese Americans                 $69,100

Pakistani-Americans               $66,200

White-Americans                    $59,900

Korean Americans                  $59,200

Indonesian-Americans            $57,500

The Average American:          $56,200

Source: US Census Bureau 2013-15 American Community Survey Equitable growth

Growing up within the South Asian community, I have seen how we have attempted to integrate and gain the trust of the establishment. To prove ourselves worthy of becoming Backyard Negroes, we must pledge our allegiance to the establishment by being willing to conform. This conformity is demonstrated through the corruption of our value system.

The Muslim should at least socially drink alcohol. The Hindu should give up vegetarianism. The Sikh must lose the turban, the long hair, and the beard. If these respective criteria are met, the status of Backyard Negro is awarded, and the establishment opens the possibility of an even higher status of Porch Negro.

Porch Negro requirements can include giving up your mother tongue, having an Anglicized name, and being willing to marry a white person and convert to Christianity.

The highest political positions that South Asians (pure, not mixed like Kamala Harris) have held are those of Governor, Ambassador to India, and UN Ambassador. Surprisingly, many of the individuals to have held these positions are Punjabi.

The key to Punjabi success has been selling out to the establishment.

Nimarata Kaur Randhawa converted from Sikhism to a Protestant denomination of Christianity changed her name to Nikki Haley, and married a white guy. She later became Governor of South Carolina and was appointed UN Ambassador.

Piyush Jindal, converted to Catholicism, changed his name to Bobby, and married a white woman. He became Governor of Louisiana.

Richard Rahul Verma, converted to Christianity and married a woman who looks more white than colored. He became the American Ambassador to India.

Dr. Amerish Babulal “Ami” Bera converted to Christianity and later became a Representative from the state of California.

Asians must decide which way is correct: helping other minorities or helping the establishment.  

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