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2024 Interior Design Trends


2024 Interior Design Trends

By Behzad Kharas

A glimpse of what’s set to shape living spaces in the coming year.

Brown Renaissance:

2024 will witness a shift from grey to brown, not just in fabrics but also in cabinetry and furniture. This trend signifies a departure from cooler tones, ushering in a sense of warmth and sophistication into living spaces.

Art Inspired:

Wall-mounted sculptures are set to take center stage, offering depth and dimension to interiors. Emerging as a focal point in interior design, unlike prints behind glass, sculptures offer a tangible and three-dimensional quality. This trend reflects a desire for visually engaging and dynamic art pieces that contribute to a more personalized and captivating living environment.

Kitchen Focal Points Redefined:

Behzad predicts bolder and more intricate designs incorporating distinct textures such as plaster or wood fluting. This shift suggests a growing recognition of the kitchen hood as a design element that can make a bold statement, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the kitchen.

Reverse Technology Effect

Contrary to the increasing integration of smart home features, there’s a noticeable trend toward what is humorously coined as ‘dumb homes.’ Clients express a desire to return to simpler, mechanical controls, favoring old-school buttons and switches over the harsh illumination of smart screens. This marks a shift towards a more tactile and grounded living experience, stepping away from the pervasive influence of technology.

Bold Colors:

2024 is poised to break away from the subdued color palette of recent years, with a surge in vibrant and audacious color choices. This trend embraces a more lively and expressive use of color. Unique combinations and simple shapes are expected to dominate, injecting a sense of energy and individuality into the interior.

Mural Magic

Stairways and foyers will no longer be overlooked, as murals find their way into unexpected places. Transforming neglected spaces into visually appealing areas, this trend aims to make every inch of the home captivating. The idea is to create a journey through these spaces, turning every inch of the home into a source of aesthetic delight.

Sustainable Materials:

The rise of sustainable materials is anticipated in both design and construction. It reflects a broader commitment to intentional and eco-friendly design choices. This trend signifies a growing awareness and appreciation for unique materials that contribute to a more conscious approach to interior design & is expected to be an overarching theme in the coming year.

Secondary Spaces:

Homeowners are increasingly creating specialized extensions of their kitchens with secondary spaces like back kitchens and pantries. These versatile areas, whether transitional or enclosed, cater to additional functionalities, providing storage solutions and housing extra appliances. This trend emphasizes the evolving role of the kitchen as a multifunctional hub within the home.

Inviting Living Rooms:

The trend in living room design is moving towards a more organic and inviting minimalism. Warm, textural spaces featuring natural materials in earthy color palettes are gaining popularity. This shift reflects a desire for a cozy and comfortable living environment that feels lived-in and welcoming.

Personalized Eclectic Fusion:

The coming year celebrates highly personalized spaces where decor with characters and stories takes precedence. This trend is characterized by the seamless integration of antiques and family heirlooms with new, bespoke pieces. Interiors become a reflection of individual taste and history, moving away from standardized and generic design choices.

Cozy Quiet Luxury:

Expect a shift towards relaxed and casual luxury in furniture choices. There’s a noticeable shift towards relaxed and casual luxury. Clients are leaning towards comfortable, lived-in furniture that exudes a sense of ease and comfort. This trend represents a departure from sleek and sterile looks, emphasizing a more laid-back and approachable aesthetic.

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